(Idea) It would be great to have an option to convert ascendance medals to legendary medals

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With the amount of ascendance medal we get from tournaments now I think it would be great to have an option to convert to legendary medals what do you guys think?

It looks a lot but that’s only 5 ascendances worth. It’s not a terrible idea, there’s just better and more effective solutions to more medals. You’d eventually run out of both medals and the system would be useless

Good Idea, but I approve the oposite

Yeah it would be sitting at 2.5 million silver medals and 696 legendary medals

@Dr.Mekar no not really.

we should trade here. :thinking:

It’s the simple things that can really make the game good.

Maybe convert four star tokens into five star tokens while you are at it. Then make a wheel with 6 stars and convert five star tokens for six star tokens!!

Waiting for the “this is a horrible idea” message from the usual forum troll that always craps all over any changes that would benefit all players equally.


This is a horrible idea.

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Thank you… thread is complete now.

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As much as I hope they would do this but then again Scopely likes money.

I like the idea :slight_smile: <3

sounds like great idea to me

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