Idea hope become true

I don’t want this chr and didn’t work for him why they didn’t give us other choice like gear lillith …etc) im sure there’s alot of have items without use it in museum collection

Gear would be nice, no rng gear bags ffs! But a choice of what gear you want or lilths but this is what we get, might as well claim him and use him for level up points i guess as tho lug nuts will disappear, at the very least i wish we could get supp depot points for stuff like this. Not all of us spend hundreds on pulls and sell all the 4* we get but ya know scopely is scopely

You can always claim him and use him as a lillith :slight_smile: or just take the depot points.


Lol even like lillith didn’t work . Jus what i means if they will keep that’s system reward add other collection to museum gears. Trainner
My English not good sorry

I agree but not lugnuts or prizes. If we’re having a museum gear collection, shove it in the milestones so it’s relative to what you score, not relative to how you do in the region

I definitely think we should habe the option to turn them in for gear
Past events they gave us options for gear. Yes they were milestones and lasted alot longer but this would definitely drive players to participate. Most people are strained on gear and everything else because of these events being back to back. Give us the option for gear so we can actually level again to shoot for these toons.

That’s a lot of fodder and medals for one Lilith. Damn Scopely

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Yeah i think unless the toon comes as a 6* theres too much involved to use it as a lilth. Can’t bring myself to do it lol

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