Idea for war reserves

Faction mate of mine asked why can’t the reserves step in after someones camp gets destroyed?. Maybe we could do that instead of rebuilding. That could possibly increase participation


This idea is too good. We can’t have this because it makes too much sense.


I thought that’s what reserves we’re for. Come in as back up. Not just sit there and do nothing

Sounds like another way for the top factions to get stronger. The most active players are already there.


So basically, 8 v 12, or however many are active.


Lol don’t most factions complain they can’t fill 8? And btw… scopely would lose money so you already know the answer.

I wouldn’t mind a 100 coin substitution fee though :slight_smile: so many time I miss out on a coin fight I wish u could be in.

Thing is when 5+ reserves they are there

If a faction has more active players shouldn’t they get an advantage?

I think do it instead of rebuilding, but still have the coin fee with the option to skip it. It would also allow for people that can’t finish a war or if they run out of cans to switch in a fresh player. But not have the option to switch come back in

No. That creates a hopeless monopoly. It’s 8v8. Even battlefield

Isn’t it already that? Mediocre factions can not beat whale factions anyway and that wouldn’t change. Maybe make things more interesting among factions of the same caliber

You can put a pinweight in the ring with a heavyweight. It might not be fair but it’s a heck of a lot fairer than letting the heavyweight sub in another heavyweight should the pinweight grind it out and win.

If it’s already unfair, you’ve just made worse

A mid level can not grind out a win against a heavy weight. It just doesn’t happen

No, but a small team of 8 strong should be able to war together without having to face 16 players on the opposing team.

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Let’s say that there are 2 factions that are close to the same strength. The stronger team would usually roll them but shouldn’t the weaker team be allowed a better chance to win if they have more actives at that time? isn’t that what strength in numbers and working as a team is all about?

You think it’s fair to make the team of 8 coin while the team of 16 gets a free switch?

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Flip it. The weaker team is managing a win, be it the stronger fac’s inactivity, lack of coins, disinterest, whatever. Weaker team’s about to make a coup, then bam, 4 new targets appears. They have to use more refills, opposing side doesn’t have to waste a thing

Why shouldn’t they if they are more active? Looking to reward activity. And how about removing coining?

Rewarding activity but punishing the better team.