Idea for toons but it will never be real

Ok here I go most of the player want the option of transferring toons from friends but, as well we know this will never happen, but maybe not from a friend but from my own account, isn’t so unfair after all, im very unlucky in my hq region but y others I got some good 6* so why not transfer those toons on a principal region, im still paying and for those and for the pulls so why not *I know Scopely not going to take the idea but idk

You get free coins on every region you play so you can get more pulls and then transfer them all to one region, no thanks.

No we don’t want this, this is a bad idea.

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With leagues won’t happen. People already run 20+ accounts. As far as trade with friends that’s just asking for all the people with dupes to trade other dupes and have perfect teams. Hey I got 4 koas u got 3 Jesus let’s trade…yeah won’t happen. As far as spending actual money on more then 1 account gotta say that’s just ur own fault. If u wanna spend in 2 accounts cool. But merging accounts is bad idea

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