Idea for the next telltale event

Maybe if we get another telltale event again, you should make a few of the telltale characters like Lee, Javier ascendable


They will, but it would be new very similar to already existing, except they are ascendable and promo, like they’ve done with Maggie


With the next telltale event they need to make EVERY telltale 5* acsendable as season 4 is the last season

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that’s a brilliant idea.
I have a feeling they would choose Clem to be an ascendable toon.

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And bring out series 2 4*,5*s too.

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telltale is no longer making new games for TWD.

This is probably why all the telltale toons have become “free”

And I reckon this means they will remain legacy and never see 6 star status.
They would also have a harder time creating visuals for them since
they appear as they do in the Telltale Game mainly.

Shame really.
But that’s my estimation on TT events.
Done for good.

My first TT event, where tokens dropped everywhere.
Best event ever!

There’s one more telltale TWD coming out this year…

Yep Clems gotta get Alvin Jr. back. Can’t wait for the next season, the tell tale games are great.