Idea for the extra S-class collectables

As we all know some people have gotten s-class Priya or s-class Pete and etc. Now with the extra keys or whatever collectable you have extra of, why not make a museum collection that lets us use our extra like for example 1000 blue keys for the 130 S-class crates so that way those extra stuff don’t sit there and do nothing


Nah wont happen. Be happy you got the sclass. I want my plushies!!!


Well they really should avoid handing you collectables you don’t need / already finished, hence pushing choice boxes as much as possible

If that’s unavoidable, I’d like extra collectables to go towards the relevant gear for said S-Class


Show me where those extra blue keys are, I have no idea

Choice boxes are a great idea in theory, in practice I find them very annoying. They really need to improve the handling, ideally of all things in the inventory. I now have around a hundred choice boxes, and have completely lost any idea what’s in there and how many I have of each, To even get there I have to scroll past trainer bags for a minute. So annoying.

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I keep getting them from michonne wheel and I ain’t even trying for Pete. I agree they should give choices for all the extra. If I had my blue keys reverted to cones id already have priya. Lol

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Should of be just one s-class collectible, bang problem solved

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You can claim two of each S class no?

Not Pete hence blue keys just disappear

Just hopping they release an S-Class toon that requires plushies to claim

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Yeah right… just one …

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Dang is that 3 Pete’s? Omg!

You can have multiple Pete’s. Are they all S Class? At most I believe you can have 2 S Class Pete but you could have some 6* ones. When he first came out you could get him and then they brought back his collection later so you could get him again.

This just in. Scipley has decided to allow everyone to trade in their extra collectibles for any 3-star of their choice in the next update*.

  • note : not true. keep surviving! :smirk:

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