Idea for territories


Maybe if Iugo made all territories beatable from walkers in 3-5 attacks and the ability to add more then the 3 defences spread between territories.
So maybe allow a max of two defense per person, up to 5-10 territories.


Or just remove territories altogether cuz its a glitchy clusterfuck of annoyance and the worst part of the game :upside_down_face:


It was removed once before, but they added it back probably because they spent tons on it. It was original removed because it was dumb back then.
Doubt they’ll remove it again, they seem determined no matter how crappy something is it gets added if they worked on it.
If the old forums could be read it had hundreds of topics saying it was dumb.


Territories are supposed to be faction orientated event rather than individual, so why not offer faction trophys but for defending it rather than attacking it.

Every hour the faction gets the 50 ish trophies, or each member gets 2 or something, along with the territory rewards.

At least it offers rewards for a positive action rather than being rewarded for messing things up.


Leagues are supposed to give rewards for active pvp. Points for holding a territory for a length of time are against the spirit of leagues because it rewards inactive players and passive play.


Not sure that is the case any more than war.

In war apart from the elite factions I would say half the faction members score maybe 90% of the factions points. The more active the faction the more wars / wins / trophies.

Defending a territory for any length of time requires continous renewing of teams and from my experience it’s usually the same half of the faction that score war points that put in 90% of the effort. Is that so diffrerent to war?

Not saying it’s perfect and no it’s not the same level of involvement as war, but it’s better than the cluster**ck going down now.


If you reward league points for keeping territories a certain length of time, regions will simply assign territories to factions and nobody will attack 90% of the territories. And if you think this type of agreement could never happen, before transfers, while everyone else was trying to figure out how to share crits, Troup handled the entire territory map this way.


I still think it should be shut down and redo map to covered in 4* toon tokens plus what some lands do are worthless


It’s the easiest idea. Just remove them. They are not pvp at all. Your just smashing a bunch of weak five stars or trainers. So dumb.


Well I just figured since they will more than likely not remove it, like most people want, suggestions should be brought up to make it better.


I dont even know how much league points per territory we get, been clearing walkers 24/7 since the cursed update came out


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