Idea for scopley

have you ever thought of trying to make tournaments like survival, assaults, wandering hordes without being able to use energy recharges could be an idea .would win the constancy not money every now and then

I don’t get it. Are you saying take away can refills?
Hell noooo! I don’t have time to depend solely on free engery. A girls gotta eat and sleep!
Cans are hella easy to get. Don’t need to buy them. Supply depot and such… Ive attached my cans. All free and i don’t even have that many in comparison to others!

If I have misinterpreted your message I’m sorry. I dont fully understand it.



everyone who uses money says they don’t use it. with all these tournaments if you don’t use coins for energy you can’t find them. No coins are given to you by anyone.

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I do not say to take away energy only once in a while to play tournaments without being able to use them but to use only the free. with money they are all good I would like to see them Without


what’s wrong with playing it evenly? those who have a lot of energy are always at an advantage, those who do not have them are always at a disadvantage. so no one would be favored or disadvantaged. all have the same chance of winning from annoyance only to those who always have an ATM full

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Pretty good idea imo.

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