Idea for scopely with s classes

Many newer s classes have been released lately. And the only way to get these s classes or even just to get the 5 star version is to spend coins on these wheels.

But, not everyone can spend coins even just to do 10 pulls. That’s me right there as a free to play. And what happens is these newer s classes will be forgotten not long after its release. And that makes these releases not do much of a big effect to the game despite some effort needed to make these newer s classes im guessing.

So, an idea i have is that every few months after many newer s classes get released is that we get given a choice box that let’s us get the 5 star version of one of the newer s classes. This allows basically everyone to experience one of the newer 6 star versions of the s class. This therefore makes the recent releases on s classes not put to waste or giving minimal effect and that many players will start going for these newer s classes.

Of course, I’m expecting that those who spend money will have a different opinion compared to free to play. My idea might not be a really good one but I’m just giving off an idea i thought off.

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S class Alert Mia. Maybe S class Magna

It would balance p2p vs f2p a little over, but this is not how Scopely run business, for ages. They don’t like to offer a choice box which you can select whatever you want. Look at war wheel. How many players receive duplicated toons having a lot of new ones in the wheel??

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Most of them seem completely worthless; there’s barely any 6* versions of an Sclass worth playing, especially as you lose the Liliths forever, and without Liliths they’re almost all really bad. Like, I don’t have any Sclass, and the only recent ones I would possibly consider using as regular 6* are the Bide and Payback toons, and that’s only because I don’t have any of the 6* with those specialists. Some of the older ones might be worth the investment, but it’s pretty much only Priya tbh.

The system is completely broken and urgently needs fixing, but I don’t think this would really help.


As a f2p player i gotta say that i dont see this…Any f2p will eventually get any S class toon they wanna go for unlike the 5star and 6star era there was were you could get them only via promo.I think schopley is doing well with allowing us to geind our way thorgh some nice toons that are here.


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