Idea for revamped territory tournament


More variety is needed for tournaments and I think a territory tournament could work with some changes. So far the time limited territories have only been used once.

The problem with the territory tournament that was beta tested is that it did not take into account how long each faction had held each territory throughout the event. You just simply had to wait until 1 hour before the end and then take the best territories to win, making the entire event pointless.

Instead, it should be changed so that throughout the tournament territory points are awarded every hour to each player and the faction total for the territory(s) they are currently backing with one or more teams. The amount of points would be based on the star rating of the territory, e.g: 20 points for 2 star territory, 40 points for 4 star, etc. Holding all territories in the same group would reward a bonus of 5 extra territory points per star, e.g: 75 points for 5 star territory.

During the tournament, the extra time limited territories would also be opened with appropriate rewards for the current event that’s running, e.g: turkeys, corn, Lucille tokens and ascendence medals. They would also be promoted to legendary 6 star giving 60 points.

The winner is the faction that can hold the best territories for the longest time and back them with the most teams.

To encourage participation and make it more worthwhile, during the tournament there could also be a bonus to the rewards (tokens, perks, etc.) for each territory held, e.g: 2% for each territory, bonus 2% for each territory in the same group. At least 2 territories must be held to receive the bonus.