Idea for new walkers

Since it appears that walker enemies are no longer unique and exciting, we need more walker variants. Here are my ideas for some new enemies, leave your ideas below if you have any.

Explosive walker- explodes when killed and deals 500 maim damage

Fire walker- sets 200 fire damage to those who attack it

Nuke walker- explodes when killed, and completely resets your game.

Forum walker- a walker that makes a new thread discussing a game issue, even if there are already multiple threads on the same topic.

EU vs. US walker- A walker that insists England is better, inb4 polical debate

AirPods walker- a walker that can’t hear you because it has AirPods in.

Elite walker- very rare, randomly generated walker that drops 4* weapons


I threw in a couple good ones to seem inticing :blush:

Funny isn’t it, you think 'that’s not a bad idea, a territory crashing joke, oh they’re just being a dick"

Don’t these exist?


Yeah they’re called the walkers in territories


no need for zombies when the game is broken


One word. Whisperers

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Very nice, especially AirPods walker
Shielded walker- cannot be killed through headshot
Crawling walker- Missing half its body, cannot be killed as long as it is behind an obstacle
Scopely walker- only appears to non-Survivors Club members, -10000 crit to all enemies, +100000 damage and health to all walkers


Why ask for an enhancement on walkers when we have special roadmaps that are sometimes OP and everyone loses their shit? Changing the walkers will just make some f2p unable to beat stages and more outrage. They really should fix the multitudes of issues with ths game before they even think about this.

I used to play plants v zombies and I loved the Michael Jackson spoof with the backing dancers that grew out of the soil. That would be awesome if they could dance and summon more walkers.

Death walker- instantly takes a toon out of your roster permanently
Coin walker- randomly doubles or steals all of your coins upon it’s death

1% chance to double, 99% to steal them


Morgan walker- tricks you into autofilling Follow-Up Morgan on your walker team
Territory walkers- Wait until your game crashes, ejects all your territory teams and takes them over
Tool-holding walker- can strike your team from an extra tile away
Infectious walker- applies 100% heal reduction to whoever it hits for the rest of the match
CM walker- lurks in the shadows for the entire match, only pops up on minor, unimportant threads


Jokes aside, ideas may be cool but they’re against the spirit of the comics so I wouldn’t want it.

Fire Walker actually sounds really cool, and I don’t think it would be too against the comics? Not like everywhere or every map but certain ones like the hilltop map where everything is on fire I don’t see why fire walkers couldn’t happen.

I think there are A FEW Walker ideas that could be reasonably implemented while respecting lore but scopely is definitely less interested with lore than they are with gameplay.

With the changes below, walkers can now be inflicted with taunt. When afflicted with taunt, they will only attack or move towards the character that taunted them. Taunting a walker will cause them to ignore any camouflage effects on the character that taunted them.

I also wrote this with the intention of balancing the game a bit so that melee toons aren’t at such a disadvantage compared to ranged toons. After all, walking dead lore often discourages wasting bullets on the dead!

Spiked armor walkers: a walker with spiked armor that deals bleed damage when attacked with melee and when attacking. Has slightly high defense, but slightly low health. Signified by their distinct armor.

Explosive hazard walkers: A walker with grenades on its belt that explodes and damages the attacker and adjacent walkers and humans when attacked with ranged weapons. Inflicting disarm will permenantly turn it into a normal walker. Signified by grenades on their waist and a bullet bandolier over their shoulder, as well as wearing gloves.

Riot gear walkers: occasionally procs absolute defense (this has been implemented but isn’t done so consistently). The absolute defense is ignored by characters dealing fast damage (since stabbing weapons can get under the helmet armor without issue). They are considered tough type, as they currently are, and retain slow movement and high health. The current tough walker riot gear variant is converted to this. Signified by distinct armor.

Crawling walkers: move slowly but are missed by multi-target rushes and collaterals since they aren’t at the same head height, unless they are the central target of said attack. Have slightly lower defense. Can be concealed by the bodies of fallen walkers, thus making them hard to spot. Signified by missing their lower torso and legs, and crawling on the ground.

Familiar walkers: when in direct line of sight of a character (on the same row and with no walkers between them), cause a random debuff, either stun for 1 turn, -75% attack for 1 turn, -100% heal reduction for 1 turn, or taunt for 1 turn. This will proc every turn that the walker is on the same row as your character. These would be especially rare. Signified by an exclamation point under their effects status, and their undecayed appearance.

Child walkers: have the combined benefits of crawling walkers and familiar walkers. Signified by their height and age.

Whisperers: hide amongst the walkers and aren’t immediately killed by headshots. Once adjacent to your teammates, they attack and rush normally as any other human enemy, and don’t deal the same high damage that normal walkers do. If the attack that kills a whisperer is not a critical or not a decapitate, they reanimate the following turn as a normal walker in the spot they died in. They aren’t deterred by camouflage and are never attacked by any walker types (apart from other whisperers that are on the player team, or enemy whisperers that are confused.) Only used sparingly for whisperer missions and events. Looks like a normal walker, but once they make their first attack against teammates, they change their stance and the mask can be more easily seen as fake. If you select/target a whisperer still cloaked as a walker, then click to attack normally with a focused teammate, the whisperer’s stance will change to reveal that they are indeed a whisperer. Once uncloacked, the appearance of a whisperer will not revert back to a normal walker.

Flaming walkers: this would just mean that walkers that are under a burning effect place a duplicate burning affect to characters they attack or that attack them in melee. Any walker, regardless of type, can become a flaming variant of their given type. Whisperers are not affected by this. Signified by flames on their body.

Diseased walkers: killing these walkers while they are adjacent to any of your teammates will cause a hemorrhage effect to be placed on said adjacent teammate. Signified by a cloud of flies around their body and lesioned features or bloody eyes.

Loud walkers: if you don’t kill this walker in time (they have a turn countdown upon entering through the fog of war, and move slower towards you than other walkers), It will moan, causing two more walkers of a random type, excluding flaming walkers or whisperers, to spawn on the edge of the battle field. Loud walkers will not moan and the countdown will not continue during turns where all teammates are camouflaged. Every three attacks with ranged characters (not neccesarily on the same turn) speeds up the countdown by 1 turn, and this speeding up is not stopped by camouflage. Taunting them causes them to immediately moan and the countdown is reset to 10. The countdown is anywhere from 3 turns to 10 turns, set randomly, but with chances scaled to the level difficulty. After moaning, the countdown is always reset to 10 and the process continues. These would be very common. Certain new status effects may allow characters to increase the countdown turns of enemy loud walkers. Signified by a countdown in the status effect bubble and by their heads constantly bobbing back and forth in agitation. They open their mouths when moaning.

Erratic walkers: inflict disarm via flailing when they attack you and have a small chance to dodge non-explosive ranged attacks. If at any point stunned or confused, or damaged enough to destroy their arms, then they revert to being regular walkers. Taunting a regular walker has a 25% chance to make that walker erratic unless they meet the above disqualifiers. Signified by twitchy, swinging arms and more expressive movement than a normal zombie.

Bike helmet walkers: will ignore 1 critical attack from a melee character, and the helmet is removed after ignoring that critical attack, and they become regular walkers. Ranged characters can kill them on the first critical. Signified by the bike helmet.

Combat helmet walkers: will ignore 1 critical attack from a ranged character, and the helmet is removed after ignoring that critical attack, and they become regular walkers. Has no trait. The currently existing tough walker army variant is converted to this. Melee characters can kill them on the first critical. Signified by the combat helmet and army gear.

Decayed walkers: these walkers have very little health regardless of level difficulty and move very slowly. However, they inflict -50% defense for 1 turn to any teammates that are in direct line of sight of them, on the same row, if there is not another walker between them, because they can cause characters to underestimate the threat and let down their guard. The defense down effect procs every single turn that the conditions are met. Signified by skeletal decayed features and rotted flesh charred by sunburn.

Bloated walkers: have very high health, and move slower than other walkers. They stop ranged characters from normally attacking walkers that are behind the bloated walker. Signified by large, bloated build.

Fast walkers: no change. Still just fast trait and move quicker.

Alert walkers: no change. Still alert trait and higher defense.

Strong walkers: no change. Still strong trait and slow with high damage.


Glad you noticed haha! Hope it lived up to expectations


Pretty much how I see it. Scopely’s got bigger fish to fry and would never implement my ideas in a million years, but as someone who loves the walking dead enough to want a lore-respecting strategic combat game for it, I can’t help but brainstorm.

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Honestly they don’t even need to make new walker types to change things up, just tweak existing systems.

Implement more barricades and cover to restrict melee characters, buuuut…
Make it so ranged characters attack create noise which draws in more walkers, makes lager mobs and longer waves. If you use ranged teams then you can hit walkers behind cover and charge ARs quicker/more frequently but there will be more walkers to fight. Alternatively melee characters can fight fewer walkers but will have less time to charge their ARs and will have to let the walkers get closer before they can attack.

The only real problem is that some ranged weapons are kinda silent like stupid Sandy’s throwing knives or a default crossbow or any that can have silencers on them, etc. But these can either be accounted for by ignoring them and hoping no one cares too much or adding in a “silent” note/perk to them like in, say, Mutant: Year 0.

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