Idea for museum and lug nuts 4 us who already have toons

I think you guys should also look into using lug nuts for legendary gear or epic. I haven’t spend any money on this last lvl up events buying trainer paks as I already own the 3 toons. So no point shooting for top 10. Awesome gear for those lugs would make us who already have he toons try for top spots. Just a idea for the team


Then get another one

Good idea but then you deny people in your region who could use these toons the opportunity to get them, it’s a tough one

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A great idea dude :grinning:

How are you denying people? He has the right to level and get milestones as everyone else does. If he has 10000 lug nuts and at the end of the event and wants to turn it into gear why not? This actually would be along the lines of previous events where you could choose to spend your iteams on a toon, or gear in the mueseum. Like Lucas, wyatt, and a few others.


Btw your not as funny as you think you are :+1:

Wasn’t supposed to be funny

maybe read what the guy wrote before replying, cause he clearly said he doesnt want another toon…

you guys spamming too much, this forum was taken hostage by fusking 7 year olds…

I know what he said.No problem with having two of the same ascendable.

if you did understand he wrote he doesnt want another one of those toons then why the hell would you adise him to get another one?

Because that’s the whole point of the event

no, thats you spamming the forum to death. nothing clever to write but youre gonna write it anyway…

We want toons in rewards again wah wah wah…scopely gives toons, i dont want those toons wah wah wah, I already have them. You may already have them, however im sure others do not, so stop with they are crap as to others it can be game changers. Nothing is making anyone force to levelup to get them.

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Spamming the forums ok,Think what you want.

where did you read that? i want to fight the guy who wrote this here… wait, noone wrote those toons are trash… maybe read what the guy wrote…

responsing without sense on a diff topic then op wrote so got an upvote from GHOSTONMETOAST :+1:

Lug nuts are for placement not milestones

It was a general statement, if I was referring to op fully, i would have replied directly to him.

your answer was a general spam then…

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It was only because someone would chime in and say they were crap, because they do in every thread when it comes to toons in rewards.

I still think let someone else get the lug nuts if you don’t need the toons, you can still get the milestones, as at the moment you can’t use them elsewhere