Idea for milestones

A lot of people are unsatisfied with how the milestones are handled at the moment. For the veteran players they are sometimes too easy, while newer players in some cases can not even get the first one done.

So instead of making the milestones the same for everyone, i would suggest you include multible tiers of milestones that get unlocked as the playerlevel progresses.

You could call it something like bronze, silver and gold milestones. Bronze is unlocked from the beginning, silver at player level 30 and gold at player level 100.

After you reach a certain level you atomatically get swiched to the new milestone tier.

At a levelup the bronze tier could have the maximum milestone at 80k points with 4 steps im between.
Silver has it at 200k with 5 steps in between and gold 1M with 6 steps in between.

Lets say step 1-4 reward collection items like the dwight collection we have atm( so everyone could get them) and some random stuff like gear trainers and all of that stuff. And steps 5 and 6 reward the higher level rewards.

So the goal is that for someone in the bronze tier the first step could be unlocked at for example 10k points while for someone in the gold tier it would be 50k. The bronze tier would have the advantage of having to reach fewer points while the gold player has 2 more steps to unlock that give better rewards.

This way lower players can manage to get all the milestones in their tier which gives a sence of accomplishment while the higher lvl players have more of a challenge and for that they get better rewards.

@Kalishane can you pls take this idea to the team if it is recievef well here?


Scopley: Take this to the team? Fine, we’ll give you another solo level up, then next week… you know what? We’ll give you another solo level up with rewards from 500k-2M this time. Keep on surviving.



Lmao. Now that’s hilarious.

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we need more of these memes :smiley:

I like your idea tho, but it shouldn’t depend on the player level.
For example, I am lvl 109 at the moment, but I don’t want to achieve more than other players to get “quest” items (sorry for the name). Sometimes, I just want to take it easy.

I miss those times, when it was easy to collect these items, and people could compete for better rewards (same goes for milestones).

What happened to that idea? Why was that a bad thing? Why did they have to change it so haphazardly??
The frequency of fuck ups (solo lvl ups) wouldn’t be an issue at this point.

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Well the scaling isn’t really to make it harder for you, it is just to take the fact that you have better characters into account.

Since low level players are likely only having T1 to T3 3 and 4* chars to level while veterans have 6*s on T3.

Imo it would be kind of unfair if lowlvls had to work harder since they also get less resources.

yeah, I get what you mean, it should be balanced. It must be a nightmare for them or for anyone else who can’t level up siTH

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