Idea for Leagues

how about instead of taking them away from 97% of the community you have the coin rewards ranked. of course the top 3 get the most 4-10 get like 500, 11-20 get 45, 21-30 get 400, 31-39 get 375. 40-50 get nothing. It fixes the problem of ‘slackers’ it won’t be stale, and everyone wins. The coins meant alot to the player base please please bring them back. It’s bs that even those who work hard are screwed over even people in Brozen will get more than those in Platinum. i hate whining about something as silly as a game but this just isn’t right

Lolololol not gonna happen, just gotta ride this out, im calling it now that this wont bring the profit increase scopely is hoping for and maybe then they will do it but i doubt that even and at this point idc anymore and wanna watch it all burn, no this isnt gonna kill the game but this isnt going to bring them more money in fact prob less money tbh

you’re right most likely.

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