Idea for Jonesgate

I know. I know. “What? Another one of these threads?” But Scopes… all the player base is asking is just something to make us happy. Say you are in Asia and you were asleep you couldn’t even think about looking at the roadmap so some people couldn’t even think about it so maybe just 4 gold arrows would make most happy. A lot of people are saying we need better ways to get collectables and this would be a good start. Personally I think that would be a great way to start making the game better. I know that it won’t fix something like territories but it’ll help a lot of people.

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I was thinking choice box - players either get Mr Jones or 10 Benedict trainers, it’s one or the other.

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I’d trade the one I got for 10 Benedicts.


Good luck on your quest.

They haven’t acknowledged it, therefore it didn’t happen.

Zero compensation inbound.

Eventually it will be forgotten and nothing will be done.

I got a reply from support, they aren’t giving any compensation

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