Idea for backstories for characters


Y’all should have more backstories for Characters such as the Trainers. For example Benny, Brady, Bert, and Basil were all brothers beforehand. They survived together and help each other live. later on they founded a community and trained others to survive better.

the trait trainers could have backstories revolving around their traits.

I think 2* Isabelle, Samuel, Diane, be 1st responders to the initial outbreak as they are military and Daine is a cop. However, they don’t make it out.

seeing as Lucia, and Nathan had the same job. They should have story when they are tending to their plants. When a zombie walks in and bites one of their co-workers. than attacks Nathan Lucia attacks it be chopping it in the head killing it. Later on they find out their co-worker has turned and bites Nathan on the wrist. Lucia flees in horror and meets 3* Farah, 1* Jody, and 2* Crista the 3 survive together. All should be 5* or killed

Darlene and Celtis could’ve been a trucker duel go with that have them accidentally run over a walker.

so many possibilities for stories for lesser characters. You should have them as some opinion thing like give each character some type of origin story.

even Mitchel, Garret, and Darius never had their own roadmap. nor did any of the woodburiers such as Dusty, Jason, and Bo. Bo was clearly a footballer star at Auburn University. Dusty looks like a farmer, and Jason was a Marine.

just an idea


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okay lol :3 worth a shot


The Best one would be Gerald’s Story and how he met Clifton the second best character in steps on
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dude totally ! i bet they hooked up on grindr or something