Idea for a new specialist skill


[name pending]
effect: reverses the effects of trait advantages

Example: alert characters typically take more
damage from tough characters and deal more
strong characters, with this specialist skill the
character deals more damage against a strong
character while taking less damage from tough

Let me know what you think of this specialist


Not a bad specialist but it would need some work but the first part is basically attack with a stronger trait but the other part of the specialist skill your talking about is new and it would be quite interesting on a defensive character it would be good to experiment with.


Call it Vice Versa. But I’ll go even farther and make the specialist totally immune to trait advantages and disadvantages call it Generalist.

Fun thought, do you guys still remember adrenaline rushes that did extra damage based on the persona of a character? Like "deal 200 dmg to a line of enemies, 300% dmg is that character is a leader persona.’


They should make an active skill called “russian hacks”. Seriously though, why is the cheating in this game so unmoderated?


100% agree it does need to be looked into.


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