Idea: Factions for toons

Just an idea, would take some retro work though so unlikely to happen. But basically assign each character to a faction, (Saviors, Whisperers, etc). This could then open up interesting lead skills (40 hp/def for all Saviors) and allow a greater spectrum of team compositions.

Problem. All the Story-less RTS Characters. Case Closed

You can just give them a place. Not like RTS is concerned about canon


Scopely: “And how can we monetize this and make players throw money at us?”

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Of course. You could. But Scopely rather creates more of them. You talking to the Wrong Person here, I like many of them :wink:

That won’t work as we don’t have those toon names we have things like legend, hunter, citizen, peacekeeper, rebel and leader so it would have to be one of these

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