Idea: equip items


Just a rough idea but what if something like an equip item was introduced where said item could block negative effects where a toon could only equip one at a time say for instance one ornament makes it so that character is immune to stun another immune to confuse or attack down or be able to go through absolute defence or not be neutralized and so on having only be able to equip one per character means they’d still be susceptible to all other ailments but would make it so the so called unbeatable teams of all stun and impair would be beatable and force players to have to constantly switch teams and weapons to keep players on their toes so they don’t always bring the right equip items to beat them but doesn’t make the upgrades on weapons useless either as if they bring the wrong items it doesn’t help think it would make battles more interesting and you would see a lot of different teams


And then they can implement some toons with absolute absolute defense which ignores equipment that allow to ignore classic abs defense. Ye$, Se€m$ £€git haha


I would say it will never happen because too much impact on game balance.

But since scopely has introduced 6*s and truely thought they are still too weak and have buffed their stats to make them even more imbalanced…sure now everything is possible!


Charizard with mega stone = ftw


Gonna be honest this wouldnt work unless they release specific items as the current items would be far to op, just imagine everyone on opposite team holding grenades or smelling salts ect.
If grenades you start the round dealing 3000 damage to everyone so would be pointless, or smelling salts one shield could be revived 5 times before death


How about being able to simply assign a toon a permanent weapon so we dont have to keep equiping them all the time on SR?


I’m sorry but this don’t make any sense at all


I’m not sure I quite understand your definition of “ornament” on characters but I can sort of see what you are saying.

I recently put in a suggestion for “Crafting Clothing” in which you would be able to use the materials, gear, and ingredients that you have an abundance of as raw material to craft clothing for your characters. This clothing station would replace one of your “Workshops” and can be converted in its place. Clothing crafting would not only offer cosmetic customization of characters (allowing you to mix and match pieces of clothing from T1, T2, T3, T4 character models) but also it would provide unique and special stat boosts, bonuses, and benefits catered to your play style and combat style. :womans_clothes: :jeans: :gloves: :dagger: :socks: :coat: :art:


I need balalaika for my Romanov :+1:t2:


That would be so badass


7s will definitely have more equipment slots, community here should not worry, team will work on it. 8s will have something inovative like paper hats which are stronger then current 6* helmets.


A gear system did pop up in their surveys a long time ago. Honestly glad it never showed up, it sounded like the armory but with equipable pieces of gear instead of weapons. We don’t need them replicating the exploit, that that contributed as one of the most common reasons why things went down hill almost globally, sitting on a fix for 6 months while we wade in the polluted waters of our regions until too much damage has been done.


You wouldn’t like that toon can stun, abs def and impair at same time? That would be great addition to the VK.