[Idea] Bring back story roadmaps

I think for a new player it would be great to have access to older roadmaps that have the stories added into them.
Same deal for veteran players to be able to replay them and get to enjoy the story again if they enjoyed it the first time.

To make the map a little more user friendly you could add a second/third/fourth/etc page (similar to the world map) to the roadmap. Maybe even theme them a bit differently so the missions with story would actually coincide with the general area on their respective map.

Edit: I also think the original prizes should be kept, even the collectible prizes. At the same time bringing back those collections.

Of course, holiday specific maps make sense to keep hidden until the corresponding holiday rolls around.


I have been really hoping we could do this myself!

Maybe on Thursdays? Throwback Thursdays? :open_mouth: lol but seriously – I would love that as someone who hasn’t experienced those stories. :slight_smile:


That would be awesome. I genuinely loved the roadmaps for 4* Toons back then.

Would be a nice bit of nostalgia :blush:


I didn’t see anything about mentioning other games, so where this thought came from is the game I played prior to this.

Rival Kingdoms: The Lost City

When I last played that game they had a map that was fairly large compared to the roadmap in TWD. In their map they had the rotating missions per day, similar to TWD, but when they introduced new story missions they were there to stay. The thing that kept new players from just steamrolling them was, of course, their difficulty level. It was an incentive for me to put more work into my characters so I would be able to clear those stages.

Edit: I skimmed over the forum guidelines and didn’t see anything about mentioning other games, is what I meant in my first sentence.

Yes! Often I got so excited to get through them I missed the story.

The game has become too much of a grind with low interesting content. This would definitely bring the fun back :slight_smile:

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Why not add a section to the museum with all the past character story roadmaps? This will allow players to play (once) through each of the maps when they are ready.

New players can play when they have a team good enough and can then benefit from using the 4* toons while they work their way to a 5* and eventually 6* team.

Older players can replay for a bit of nostalgia and for the other rewards/use the 4* toons for ascendance.

The maps would keep all the original rewards except for event specific tokens which would be replaced by equivalent normal tokens, e.g: 4*/4* weapon/prestige/5* tokens depending on the difficulty level.

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This would be great to see, maybe not on Thursday’s as it is the most useful day for grinding the daily roadmap. If it is Thursday’s I will find a way of doing it all, but Wednesday or Friday’s would be my preference as they tend to be quieter days.

If Theresa’s story is ever re-released please can the story be fixed as act 2 stage 6/7/8 (I can’t remember which one) for some reason showed us the story from the same stage from act 1. That is the only one I ever remember not being right, I can’t believe it still bugs me but for some reason it does I just want to know what happened in that part of the story. I can’t remember if you were around when her story missions were out, so not sure if you would be aware of that.

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Roadmaps would be great.

But Thursdays are the worst days — and this is not only true because it rhymes, but because there is the GEAR HUNT Roadmap.

Let me rundown the weekly roadmapsfor you and how important they are:

Mo-Tue: XP - important until the end of the year, then everybody who really farms xp is at Lvl 125

Wed: Wood - nobody would notice if it was gone - Good day for extra roadmaps

Thu: Gear Hunt - extremely important since shirts and gloves don’t drop at the most popular world stages 13 and above

Fri: Food - too little output to be worth to farm it

Sat: Workshop - don’t know anybody who would miss it

Sun: Survivors - nice but also not essential

So, for this year any day BUT Mo, Tue and Thu is good for roadmaps.
Starting from next year every day BUT Thu is good.

I just want that roadmap Dwight.

What the heck? I already made a thread about this topic. Hahaha


They can merge threads to cut down on clutter.

I just checked. It doesn’t show up in my topic. Maybe I made it on other forum, but I’m pretty sure I made a thread like this. I asked if we could replay certain roadmaps again, and she gave me the same response. Hahaha maybe she deleted it.

I thought I had read this idea before recently. It is a good idea so happy to see it raised again as yours has been lost to the forum god’s for some reason.

Yeah lol. At least it was bought up.

P. S.

I think it was deleted when I first got banned, and only Shane can bring it back.

That would make sense. You are usually quite sensible not going to ask what got you banned.

It was for arguing with another user. We were both throwing vulgar insults. Hahaha.