[Idea] After x months make premier recruits available to f2p players

I don’t mean through getting first in tournaments or wars either. Probably something via collectibles in the museum or a difficult roadmap.

The idea behind this is it’ll still provide benefit for those that spend (getting spiffy/OP characters before everyone else which grants a huge bonus in raids/wars/level ups) and would let f2p people diversify their roster.

More access to more toons = more variety in teams/battles = increase longevity of the game = better player retention = more opportunity to make sells

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I think the most you can expect is for some of these to go into the 5 star token wheel. Hopefully that’s due a refresh, because there’s a lot of junk in there


They’ve upped the 5* coins so I think that would work.

They need to shrink the wheel and refresh it much mire often with decent toons. I know people need fodder for ascending, but really that should be coming from benedicts being more available, rather than being a prize. Fodder should not be a prize.

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That wouldnt be a great idea for them They would lose money and they know it. Most of the pnes that wouold pay would just wait until it came out via that raodmap or however it may come for F2p players.