I'd like to thank you all!

For being the guinea pigs on this new update. I haven’t updated and won’t update until I’m forced to. And you can’t make me! Until then, it appears I can continue critting myself all the way towards success.

So, from the bottom of my heart - thank you!

Keep on surviving :wink:


Then no sweet avatar of your own choice for you :wink:


Will do.

The update will most likely be flagged as absolutely mandatory as soon as war is back. You only have a few days at most.

I think they already started the force update. This is from my region

I got that force update pop up eventhough I’ve updated it lol :smiley:

So defiant. Have fun with your 2016 Prius and iPhone 6 while the rest of us enjoy new stuff.

I don’t think it’s a force update if it gives you the option of doing it “Later”

or get frustrated with new bugs :slight_smile: