Ice Cream Cones

How is this allowed under current Google and Apple game stores? Scopely says collection items have a 10% chance to drop in pulls, but the Ice Cream Cones drop in various quantities that aren’t visible to anyone. What are the odds between getting 10 cones or 50? This seems beyond inappropriate that people can’t even see every amount that may drop if deciding to pull.


I mean, they don’t give you the odds for each and every toon do they? They only give you the odds of getting a 5*, 6* etc. So you also don’t have the exact odds of getting a specific toon. It’s the same with the cones, you get the odds of getting any possible amount of cones, and not specific quantities. It’s consistent, at the very least.

It’s not consistent. They’ve previously provided ‘featured 5* recruit and featured 6* legendary recruit odds’. Even previous collection characters had the chance to get the character as well as collection items. In those collection wheels, you could click on the various bags and at least see quantities inside, this wheel only features 1 ice cream cone.

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The difference is that when you are pulling for toons you know you are getting 1 toon per pull, whereas the cones can give you various quantities per pull (if you’re deemed worthy enough of even getting cones).

Yeah I get it. It’s a sort of odds within odds scenario. I guess they could have provided a little button next to the “10% Chance” of getting cones message, which would open up a new popup that would tell you all the different quantities of cones and their respective probabilities. The people who’ll pull will pull regardless, they don’t care. All they see is 4.4K attack and pull until their credit card maxes.

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You can safely assume the max cone drop rate is .02% (at best)

I’m sure apple will take note of this underhand behavior and stop it but until then scopes will ride it out.

but what is the max cone quantity that could drop?

1k I’m told :upside_down_face:

Yep so they shot down any chance of getting “lucky”. Getting lucky at scopely odds 10x better chance at mega millions.

1 big pull gets approximately 600 cones if you buy the special coin offer. Pretty lame drop rates. Expect 6-8 big pulls to get 1 Priya.

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