Ice cream cone roadmap

Would have been nice to know this was going to use the same energy as the keys roadmap. Some of us may have saved the torches for it


yes, it uses the same

There’s an ice cream cone roadmap? Where lol

Is for the pete owners

Oh. It just popped up. Can’t run it without any torches. Sweet.

Not to mention only being able to get 30 torches at a time when the Pete map takes over 100 to complete. I’m down to grind for items, I’m down to grind for toons, but to have to buy them to complete the map each time it cycles kind of defeats the grind as usual.


To be fair the amount of torches it takes for the likely amount of dropped cones is massive in comparison to the keys.

glad I saved 400 torches for that

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I got 415 cones in total from both maps. That’s a much better investment of torches than Pete. And Priya is by far the better character even as a simple 6*


Say that again tomorrow. :grin:

To be fairrr :joy:

Let me know when you get all the ice cream cones to get Priya.

Is this roadmap and the s class blue key roadmap will last forever? Or it is a time based roadmap that will expired in some time. Any info about it?

The Pete one they said was just up for a month, no mention about what happens after. No comment about the ice cream cone one.

That would require communication and that’s something that doesn’t exist in this game.


Strategic back hand to the players.

“Fork it up” comes to mind.

Fair play, I assumed it was going to be 65 for the majority of people.

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