I would like to see an in depth review of rick

But the guy who was gonna do those reviews got banned for being hardcore

So can someone do a review


I could. But I’d want to back my statements with numbers, screenshots, and a gif or two.

Gotta wait until I actually get the toon to do all that.


I can, for CC input. Otherwise, there are people that benefit from revenue here so…

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I can do one for Rick but it will have to wait till after this weekend as someone asked me to do the doubloon Maggie last weekend.

I’d love to see a maggie review as well

why not youtube justabox


Rick 6 Fast makes me think of Dwight 5 Fast :slight_smile:

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I will be doing a video of them all but it will take me some time.

I’m still not sure how elusive works. Is that the one that no longer let’s toons gain AP when attacking or is it a rush thing?

Idk. I’ll get him to have options one day when they remove these constant bottlenecks with ascension medals, Benedicts, lilith, and epic gear.

Can’t do shit with the 19 others I have waiting to be ascended.

Seems like a very good ability though not sure how it functions in practice. Certainly his stats don’t lend himself to much use on defense but on offense this could be OK. Main thing is he should rush kill one toon and if the leader with AP gain weapon could do so as early as turn 2.

Not particularly in depth, but Rick is like a Yellow Tyreese. More balanced between HP and Def but both low balancing out his huge attack stat.

However how many of you have watched Zeke get pummeled by the template Carl, Shiva, Wyatt defence teams? If you run Rick alone he’ll go down even quicker (less HP and similar Def).

Personally I’m going for him because he might be pretty potent behind Carl on defence. And with the right weapon and leader he will rip through ranged teams.

That and the fact the wheel is fucking awful…

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My take on rick will just be a few things.

First to note is that he is very offensive with a very high attack stat, 550 damage, 66ap recharge rate, and has a great leaderskill that supports him even more with 40 attack and huge ap when attacking for all yellows he will do some real work for you.
The second piece to note is that because of he is very offensive that is where he is strongest at in the game to go against mirabelle , erika, Garrett, and Dante teams where its pretty much guaranteed that blues will be in the teams as rick can make short work with them.
The 3rd piece to note is that he wont serve huge use on defense he will definitely need a carl lead or if you give him a Tanky weapon behind a Vincent lead he will survive. Placing rick as a leader alone on defense people will make short work of that defense no matter how it is set up until we perhaps see a six star human shield and more better options for yellows as its really only rick and maggie that are reliable options for yellows right now with the argue fact of winter michonne and Jesus.

Weapon suggestions for six star Rick.
Purely my thoughts and suggestions so ill name it in different scenarios.
On defense.
Behind a carl lead you can offer him absolute defense with at least 30 attack and huge ap when attacking or have a 8% bonus ap weapon and make sure to have Glenn in the teams and the whole team can pop quicker. Behind a vincent lead I suggest using defender level 3 for 35% defense buff with 30 defense and 30 attack or instead of attack huge bonus ap when attacking(note that with vincent lead I say 30 attack because you want rick to get a hard kill on someone one if they trigger rick to pop he is already 66ap so it wont take much exspecialy if you have command Glenn behind your teams)or go back to the absolute defense option that was suggested for carl. At this time I do not recommend having rick as lead its just not a good team for defense against top factions or older regions.

Weapons suggestions for attack.
Raider level 3 special for the 35% attack buff with 35 attack and huge ap when attacking or simply pick up his knife and stack the attack to 40 with huge ap when attacking so his basic he can hit hard.
Bonus 8% weapon when using rick as lead and bring a command to get him popping on round two on attack with huge ap when attacking and +30 attack weapon.
Raider level 2 for the 25% for the first 3 waves with huge ap when attacking and +30 attack stat so you can have him hit that much harder in his rush.

Teammates that can work well with rick on attack.
Guardian zeke hits hard agasint blues and his active skill you can never go wrong on top of his specialist skill that can protect you a bit in your raids when using rick leaderskill.
Maggie can do some crowd control to neutralize foes from popping and with the added pain split can go a long way in your raids.
Command Glenn for obvious reasons to utilize his command to have the team pop early and he can hold a stun weapon to help create a hole in some windowless teams and his rush can pretty much secure a victory for you in your raids.
Jousha is ideal if you have a heavy crit weapon with +30 attack into it paired with rick leaderskill I like to believe will help you soften up teams to getting them close to a mop up job and again his active skill complements zeke agasint the heavy p2p erika teams with stun and impair.
Barker has high attack stat and may be able to wipe blues alot quicker behind rick and I would suggest making him a 35% attack buff weapon from raider level 3 and stack the attack with huge ap when attacking and paired with Glenn he can do some work for you.
Sandy is very solid behind rick and the defense down from her can aid you into knocking down your foes more effectively added with mostly the same weapons I suggested for rick multiple times I mentioned already.

Last note is that his focus is nice to bypass confuse and taunt before it can happen from other rushes or active skills even thou its random who the focus goes to. Elusive is ok but its just one turn so its not going to be amazing as it is only to stop any ap gain that could had been gained from enemies.


Curious if you’ve seen it in motion to be as effective as it sounds. Not many have it… Javier comes to mind but doesn’t cover much of the party.

Perhaps covering over half the party will show a significant impact. I’m a healthy bit of skeptical.

Y were you flagged??? Oh u withdrew it lol.

@Wanderer Out of my 5520 raids. I have 72 loses and 1 of them was from Elusive (Javier that bastard lol). Mainly due to me not understanding the mechanic.

I saw that you posted what Elusive did and I was just regurgitating it so I removed my post :P.

Having a 60% team cover on a 66 AR when you can Command it turn 2 will just neuter the enemies AR or force them to take a route they dont want so they can keep getting AP.

In an Era where rushes were make or break in a battle. Not so much in the 6s age. Stats overwhelm rushes due to their slow nature.

It’s all good. I assumed that might be the case.