I would like to request some help for my defense team

Eric, Solange, Holly, Regina, green Carl. Or switch Carl with Tyreese if you can equip a good def/hp mod set with resist mods to him.

5 kals…Or 5 aris

May I ask, why Green Carl? Is it because of the bonus he gets from Eric lead?

Yes exactly, also because his rush deals damage and heals your team. He is still usable with the right mods in my opinion. Otherwise I do not see a good addition to the Eric, Solange, Holly team. You’re missing a shield and a command toon. But stay optimistic regarding getting helpful toons.

I’d say Kenny is a better character to put in for Carl. He heals all teammates, does damage, and gives extra crit so that would benefit Holly.

Don’t get me wrong I do use him on attack quite often but he is too easy to kill compared to Carl. He should test both toons through friendly duels to see which of them is better.

Or a Javier lead, Holly, Eric, yellow Zeke and Aris. Especially if Aris has absolute defense on her blades.
Unfortunately, you don’t seem to have too many leader toons…
You could try both teams suggested and see what fits better.