I would like to learn how to create art using the rts style

The reason I play this game is bc of the art. I’m currently taking an art class in my first year of highschool and I hope to learn how to draw in the RTS style in the future if I get good enough


get a cintix board cost like 5 40pull
and a good drawing software maybe 4 40pull more

@Kanna I would liaise with @Icarus one of our content creators that has made nice drawings



What about the artists that make the promo arts for the game?

Just keep at it and practice first few drawings won’t be perfect but you’ll get there I hope to see some of your work in the future :+1:


I love these drawings but that is so not RTS style

No definitely not I mix styles with my art

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Congratulations on being promoted to a leader of the community :blush:

Big thanks

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