I would I really would


Pull for Magna for sure especially being i already got the impair gun but why would I??

I know 100% she cant get by t2 for likely 2 weeks or more and thats just to t3 a t4 would be another 2-4 at the rate things are at currently.

You are taking money out of your own pockets with this gear strangle you got going.

6 star t2’s might as well be 5 stars at this point in the meta they are useless until deep into t3 or mostly until they are flat out maxed and modded.

I promise you need to look at those gear deals. 1 piece of the gear your not gonna need for 5 or 600 plus coins per box.

The problem right away is that we should be getting all those pieces of gear for that amount of coins. At least half of them at minimum. 1 piece??

My guess you guys feast upon the souls of children while wearing a devilish grin and not think twice.

Chewing souls hoping to attain one yourselves one day :frowning:


I’m sure the gear shortage will be solved if you buy the $25 subscription service…


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