I wish scopley was a game dev company


I wish Scopley would realize they were video game creators not only business people. I wish they created more PVE events like special limited time faction assaults or other variations of faction assault. As a video game the lore is horrible I feel like they need help/support in that department or need to invest into that. Add better pre roadmap or world map dialogue and animations like in the tutorial. They definitely make enough money to have these departments and I dont know why they arent doing these things. They have 800 employees… and it feels like the only people working is 1 artist 1 marketing 1 monkey on support 1 technical/engineer and that’s it… even an updated survival road would be nice… once a day or even once a week a survival road with a big boss at the end of it like a new premier or a legacy reveal. Update prestige so it feels like older more veteran players worked for something. Update raids make them interesting. Add lore to EACH character. Where are they from, what faction are they from? For example priya is from the hilltop but I’m pretty sure no body knew that. Get rid of all these different kind of wheels… prestige tokens are useless, 4 star tokens are useless and they litter territories (also update territories) let there be legitimate alliances where only leaders and co leaders can attack an alliance faction there for breaking the alliance and declaring war. Elite characters are useless and so are basic/helper tokens. 5 star tokens too… but that’s debatable. Update the town, you know those little people walking around? Let the amount of citizens you have collected be the exact number in the town or even better let the toons you have be in the town. Expand the town and have town skins. Also tweak ascendance its tedious and boring.

Outdated persona toons

Wow, these are some very fair points and suggestions. Only thing I would add on is if they could add something in your Faction’s settings where you could have relationships with OTHER factions, like have some as allies, some as neutrals and some as enemies.


They had a idea it was called Faction Town but instead of that we got the sloppy buggy mess that is Territories.

Faction Town sounded awesome! It was a entirely separate Town like ours with buildings the faction would build where we could craft gear, toons and all sorts of other stuff that would benefit the whole factions to help your faction get stronger.

That is what the games missing IMO as well as tons of other things.


SmartSelect_20180913-191910_Gallery they can make him wink tho


What’s with giving so many toons wearing ties and scarves. Do these people have a death wish? Do not wear things around your neck when you live in a world where the undead claw and grab at you.

We do need at least half a dozen new events. How much longer do they expect people to keep doing the same three things over and over again multiple times every week. It’s gotten to the point where I’m just sitting out these events.

Is it just me or have the rewards gotten even crappier this past month? Even the dog collar event had gear removed from it. The game is so STALE!!


Shits cold man. No heaters.


Then explain to me why Davie is wearing a fèileadh?*

Guess he’s a proud Scotsman.

  • That’s the word for a kilt in case anyone was wondering.


Yeah, proud with one or more of his screws loose.


IUGO was the development company, Scopely is nothing more than a high pressure finance company. The turnover is ridiculous, and the upper management monkeys dictate what happens in a game they don’t even play. All the content decisions seem to be made at random, and the rushed nature of nearly 99% of the stuff they do put out shows lack of dedication and respect for the source material.


You are right in every thing you said except one thing
If scopely have 800 employees that means everyone is working scopely doesn’t give anything for free , even for her employees

The question is why don’t we see the result ?
That’s the 1m question
My answer would be
1 artist draw toons
1 engineer
1 lawyer
And 796 employees to count money


Yeah but the character designs have become senseless a whole while ago. Characters like the Green Connie, Yellow Javier or 6* Lori prove it. Of Course there can be some weird Designs, but currently every Seconds is weird.

There are usually 2 Types of characters I would like too see again, which are Top Equipment Surviors like the first 6* or my all time Favorit 4* Allen. I mean if you would show a person who hasen’t played this Game ever before a simple picture of 4* Allen and 6* Connie and ask them who would most likely survive longer it should be obvious who they name Out.

The Other categorie are Surviors who are basically at there end, with ripped of Clothes and dunk it Blood. Characters like Knox or Valerie are Awesome Examples for that. It shows how much they fought to stay Alive and then again look at 6* Connie. Nothing like that and I won’t even start talking about her boots, she would problably lose them in her Second or least Third Attack.


Me too. I’ve even joined dead factions just so that I can skip all the faction events. I only find an active one for war but even that has become repetitive and boring.


It’s sad because war is the main thing that keeps me hanging on. Not sure for how much longer to be honest. We need something new and exciting in the game and that is most definitely not leagues. At least not from what I have seen by playing with it in the beta.


I didn’t read what u wrote but how could it get any worse thumbs up :slight_smile:


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