I will venmo $1 to the best Defense team you can build me with my roster

Serious. If you don’t want to give me your Venmo I can also send you an Amazon, Apple, or Google Play credit. (I reserve the right to pick 1 respondent based on any criteria I choose.)

Here are my toons. Feel free to use any toons at my disposal, although I’d prefer to not use any of my attack toons. And also maybe some mod recommendations, since I have literally never built a defense team before.

I have a pretty good attack team, but I find it very difficult to evaluate defense teams, since you never actually get to see how it goes down when they get attacked. Short of just copying other peoples’ teams that are hard to beat, it seems very difficult (whereas attack teams I’ve had great success experimenting with toons that people say “suck” because I can observe, learn, and tweak).

So, my attack team is currently:
Diego, Tyreese, Viktor (but I have two), Hershel (also have two), Violet
However, I am working on replacing some of the above with: Stephanie, Julie, blue disarm Michonne or disarm Bruce, and mayyybe Laopo. Obviously that allows some of the current and/or future attack team to be used for defense.

(I’m holding off on picking James of Christa for a while until the dust settles on this decision. Note that I should also have regular non-Sclass 6* Priya in a week or 2.)

Leveling up any toon is NP, although I’d rather not spend my comics on Andrea, since I’m currently using them on Julie for my attack team right now.

Also, please add to the list Rick and Camila - I can buy either of them at any time, and will buy both before the season is over. I also have green reviver Gabriel sitting in his choice bag which I’m fine taking.

Thanks for any help and/or suggestions!

You’ll never lose a raid again


thanks for the input

Cheers mate, I have to say it’s mainly down to John though.


Laopo lead, Violet, William, yellow Glenn and Gabriel as soon as he’s maxed.
Double HS, plus guardian shield and slow from Laopo. Not to mention that Gabriel has both revive as AR, and active.

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Oh, and by the way. Equip both HS with defense sets and a defense versus alert mod + maim resist, which are a must.
Glenn should get a crit chance mod for his shield to pop.
Feel free to mod Laopo and Violet as you want… but I’d suggest HP or def mods also.

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Umm, not that I don’t think that team is intriguing… but I don’t think that has double HS? William has shield, who is the second? Gabriel does not if that’s what you were thinking (I had to double check that one).

Aye this is probably one of the best you can do with said toons.

Another would be Diego Lead, Violet, Gabriel, Laopoa and William. Diego and Laopoa will help stop ARs. Viloet and Gabe for revives. Diego also helps make it a damage team as well as a time out team. Make sure you have some Ap down mods too.
Gabe will also help Laopoa rush earlier with his active.
With Diego as Lead, toons will be rushing a turn earlier in general.

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And aside from the double HS thing… Is the general idea here just to be un-killable and keep reviving and shit forever and run the clock and shit? Cuz I feel isn’t gonna have a lot of killing power right?

Also, jw, what weapon would you run on the non-shield toons? Stun on attack? AP down? I honestly don’t see a lot of green defensive teams (that are any good anyways) in my region.

Yeah, you’re right. I always think he’s a HS, and then remember he’s not. Sorry. :rofl:

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My problem with a Diego lead is that he’s mostly an attack toon, in my perspective. He screws the opponents defense, but there’s no toon to finish the job…

Tbf, not many people have Laopoa. That toon itself makes a Green defense doable, as long as you have a toon like Gabe that can give Laopoa that extra bump for her AR

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Sounds like a pretty badass team TBH. But I have my Diego modded for pretty much pure attack, sits a little over 6k lol. Friken badass lol. Butttt, I’m guessing that’s not great for a defense team right?

Lol not ideally. But if you give him an Ap down weapon, he could still fit in. You do have 2 revivers in there after all.

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Aye it would need Violet to hit after Diego for it to do decent damage.

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That’s what a defense team is for. Run the clock, not kill the opponents. You either go with revive and heal time and time again, or confuse the attacker and make his team lose control. I use the ladder, but I don’t see the “ingredients” for such a team there. I’d go with stun on attack, huge AP attacking and either def or HP. I said AP when attacking because there’s no point in making your toons “gather” AP when being attacked, as they’re behind a HS. The downside is that if they get stunned, they can’t attack and gain AP.

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Yup. Problem is you can’t guarantee that will happen, with it being a defense team and you can’t control it… :expressionless:

I agree, the vast majority of successful defense teams do this. There are a few, such as Docs + Zachs, Amber’s and Diegos behind Shields etc that work as solid attacking defence teams but most aren’t like that. Saying that, my own defence team is designed for attack and is quite successful with a Camila Lead. It’s very difficult to pull off though as you need a windowless team and something to stop their ARs (like Raven) without reducing the attacking potential of your defence toons. That’s why I think yellows are best for this, as abs def stops your lower defence stat teams (compared to most) from falling apart.

Feel you. I guess I’m just thinking about my own Diego attack team, if he gets his AR off these types of teams rareeeeely slow me down. But then again, I doubt I could form a team that could slow me down so. lol

I used to run a team with Donny lead, fast guardian Rick, Ajax and 2 alert Betas. I would have included 3 Betas, if I could, because I know I hate defense teams that “steal” control from my attack team. Now I just replaced 1 Beta with Christa, for some damage and to be fair, for the boost on team rank. :sweat_smile:
Otherwise, I’m pretty satisfied with that team. One of the strongest players in my region usually fails raiding me the first time, and only does it the second time. :rofl: