I was thinking to leave but

And i just droped this :slight_smile:
If i pull something nice i will stay.


20k coins would not make me stay if I’d decided to go. Youll probably spend them getting 100th of what you’ll need for priya.


30 open for now and nothing …

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I got about 1000 bennies. Levelled a tonne of 4*s to clear my roster space.


i have more 36 to open + 20 bags but im scare



Nice. I got 90 crates. Opened 45.
44 had Bennies. 1 had def mods


90 premium crates? you got all the crossbones.
Wow, thats fast.

Now imagine you’ll not pull any decent toon but only crap from the 20k of coins. :rofl:


I’ve experienced that, 20K coins and not 1 ascendable. That sucked.

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Game inflation is about to become that much more insane

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meh… waste of time to play this game even if i had those coins.

I spent to gets extra crossbones… opened probably 50 and gotten all Benny’s. I have 40 more to open + another crossbone and if no coins pop… I won’t be surprised

Older games used to have a currency for instance, silver and gold currency. Gold was only ever purchasable whereas silver was free to obtain, when purchasing large silver amounts compared to the gold amounts the surprise mechanic boxes would be really really bad in terms of rewards

Now, going by players who have saved free coins for weeks/months on end they have always stated that the saved free coins were terrible for pulls and getting the toon compared to buying outright.

do you think its not in the realms of certain obtained coins being marked for different odd outcomes?


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This is such a cliffhanger. I want to see how it ends.

What the hell are the chances of these sr (premium) crates?
I opened 40 premiums and now my roster is flooded with 600 Benedicts. Before I pulled several hundreds of Burts and Bradys (and nothing else) in sr broken mask maps. Now I got noone left to ascent except for 3 star toons and my roster is still hopelessly overcrowded. So I have to sell all these trainers and all my efforts has been for nuts :tired_face:


again … realms of possibilities … not set in stone … jeez, lay off the love taps on my comments

plus ive said many times, it could be account specific with the luck on pulls

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Sweet :slight_smile:

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In b4 Walker Horde related replies to GR! :joy:
Get yourself a Mercer with his constant Heal Active skill GR, many pitchforks may be headed your way!

Heal reduction, bleed, burn.

You’re welcome :wink:

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