I was right and they were wrong


A few months ago with advent of mods I made the claim that it would make SR easy. Many people scoffed at my claim saying I wasn’t going to get very high up the SR ladder.
Well since then I have climbed up about 80 levels to SR 355 now. Mods have made this event rather easy as I stated. I have about between 90-95% successful completion of the road when I try. So to all you who doubted me. I did it. Oh and you can too!!!



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You’ll be the first one crying if they bring back a nightmare mode that was actually hard



Not really, I would just leave it be. I’ve lost to them once,twice or maybe more. Now I got wisdom. I just move on. Can’t do it. Ehhh no sweat.


You disguise it well :+1:


Touché sir! Touché


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