I was looking at the old ascendable list


There’s a few like Connor Lori and Aaron we still need but also… Dwight. People seem to have forgotten his name since there’s already a 6* Dwight but as I explained to my friends the list is for older epics who will be ascendable. The 6* “a New threat” Dwight was available as an ascendable Toon of the bat and the list shows that “Dwight” will be ascendable but not which version. Any clarification from scopley/IUGO?



Hate to break it to ya but kalishane came on a different thread and said that “dwight” is not the ascendable one but it was “dwight” " a new threat" was the one they meant.


See, I have a huge problem with this. Why in the world would they put a brand new toon on a legacy toon ascending list? I know @kalishane updated it, but that is so disappointing to see.


I hear ya. Totally took the wind out of my sails tbh. I mention this on the other thread, but I got REALLY unlucky with the Ascendable list. I’m about to be Prestige 13, and I don’t have 80% of the toons on that list. The one thing that was supposed to “save” me, was that I have two level 80 OG Dwights. Hearing that they, like all of my other VERY expensive epics, are essentially worthless, is a lot to take. Been playing since week one … but I think my time is done.


that’s so stupid of them. That Dwight was ascendable from the moment he was released. Why didn’t they say in the list Dwight “a new threat”. Well so now it’s only Lori and Connor and Aaron I guess and we still have what like 5 other Dwight’s who won’t be ascendable like all the other Michonne and ricks who’s not Christmas themed. Lol


Yeah am surprised there is not a total outraged from people about it I mean there is in fact a character name “dwight” not like they said “dwight a new threat” or “dwight call to arms” or “dwight limited edition”. Scopely made the list as it purely was meant for legacy ascendables and scopely should honor it instead of sike just kidding on one of those…idk I dont have him but principal is principal to me I guess most don’t care because most don’t have him or are just use to the scopely fuckery.


This. If you check the list now, it says A New Threat. Is it that huge of a deal? No. But it is a slap to the face for those of us who have him waiting. I pulled him two years ago on a Friend or Foe 40 pull. One can only put up with so much BS.


It’s sad. We are conditioned to expect failure. If this was a better company, they would’ve created a new 6* to make up for their mistake.


I’m pissed that Dwight is only in prestige wheel and not the 5 star token wheel. He is the one toon i need for the majority of my remaining collections and they put him where it’s basically guaranteed I’ll never get him since prestige tokens are harder to come by and there is so much trash 4 stars to sift through as well.


Hey hey now lol. I beg to differ. The toons added to the Training Ground are by far, the most difficult to obtain … at least for my account lol. 2 Years of running Legendary Training uninterrupted, and I have ZERO Epics to show for it.


Lmao i didn’t even bother to read what was attainable from there as I’ve never got a epic from legendary tg either.