I was attacked 3 times in a row

That is how it should be?

I’ve seen be attacked by three different people the same time not same person tho no u should get sheilded

Only way it’s possible is if you were raiding constantly at the same time, which would take down your shield, but even then it’s highly unlikely.

Visual glitch is my guess.

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it’s the same person

I did not make raids. I was in the real world

I know hence the I’ve had it with three different but not seen it with the same b4 comment…

I think there was a similar issue in the past, multiple raids show in history, but was only a visual thing, people weren’t losing multiple food/wood/rep.

I do not care about food and wood. I want it to work as it should …

I’ve had the same happen but 5x from the same person back to back. Wasn’t logged into the game at the time…support just said they’d look into it, no explanation.

they are exploring new options to tear off money from us and make it harder to get miserable rewards. ))

I have been attacked 6 times in a row by same person.

Beats me

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