I warned everyone this would happen

Well with everyone fighting over territories nobody was getting tokens in quantity anymore. So Scopely watched and wait until now. It’s cheap right now, but maybe not for long. Please stop leaving territories to walkers.

I wouldn’t buy that if they paid me the five bucks to do so.


That’s a good deal, actually.

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…but … 250 Museum tokens!


I never got tokens in large quantity from territories, ever.

You’d have to hold one of the five star territories continuously for 31 days just to get 3000 five star tokens.

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To add on to what everyone said, the “value” is mostly in the crappy rts tokens.

my offer is $15. No thank you, I’ll pass

The offer isn’t for the elite, 4-star weapon, or 5 star tokens, the offer is for the y3 and WD tokens. The rest is just random junk they throw in to make it look like you’re getting a good deal.


Ya , definitely not a good deal

Thread not needed…

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I did 22 pulls,

Load of fodda :frowning:

I just bought the $20 tokens keep getting knoxs from these tokens tho really hope his 6* is good


Prestige points?

Snake eyes roll the scopley :game_die: dice lol
Don’t worry an employe will use an forum account to show how it’s paying out doing one single pull gotting 3 6stars on one pull quick gamble now yeah pull the other on scopley fs.

Next time a player does well on pulls ask urself why have I never seen or talk to this person from they pulled that last promo lol maybe my tinfoil hat is on

I bought the $1.49 pack. Worked out ok for me. Not normally the case thou.


They might as well be museum tokens.

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I think it’s interesting that I only need 5 more for a pull but the only offers I have available are for 10 and 15 tokens.

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