I want to story

im a Korean who likes story
This is one of the few Asian to play this game.
road map Make a story
Why do you keep making strange characters?


I know right?

Do you know? Cuz i dont know what the heck he talkin bout lol

Angler can u tell us a story

Lol please do that would make my day :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:

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A roadmap story telltale style that would be nice

So theres this monkey in a tree smoking a joint. when a little green lizard walks up and sees him …
“hey what are you doing??” he cried out to the monkey
"dude im smoking a joint you wanna join me?"
so he climbs up the tree…the monkey and the lizard are passing this joint back and forth getting all stoned when the lizards mouth starts to get REALLY dry.
"oh maaaan …im fuckin THIRRRRSTY dude. ill be right back Monkey im gonna go get soemthing to fuckin drink man"
so the lizard climbs down this tree and walks to the river…leeeans over slowly to take a sip and falls in cause hes so high.
now this baked lizard is in the river swimming for his life when an aligator sees him struggling and helps him back onto shore.
“what the hell is your problem, why did you just fall in like that?” he said to the Lizard
"ohhhh man dude im so fucking stoned, Monkey is over there in a tree smokin on some weed dude he smoked me out and shit."
the aligator wanted to get smoked out too, so he waddled over to tree where the monkey was sitting there puffin on the roach
he looks up and yells, "HEY!? are you done with that joint?"
monkey looked down at the huge aligator all chinky eyed.