I want to LOSE the Survival Road Tournament?


New player in old region “DADE”

I have only gotten 4 wool beanies in my 49 days of playing this game, now to have the chance for one I most do the impossible and complete ELITE road or lose the tournament.

question to experience players:

do you have a system or plan for farming wool beanies?

should I quit DADE and more to an actual new region?


Once your scav camps are high enough there is a 7-day long mission to get you a single wool beanie. It takes 7 days to complete and then sits in cool down for about a month. Enjoy.


or farm elite tokens on territories with your faction


Are you joking, right?


never have I seen one drop from there, is like getting a 6*.


whelp like the other guy says u need an scav lvl 14 to get “The Old Mill” 7 days mission for a wool beanie or just wait for gear maps the harsh reality :frowning:


Farming is unfortunately your best option and elite items, 7 day missions are joke (7 days to finish, 10 days to appear, 2 beanies per month - definitely lol). I have no idea why is scopely on hold with gear maps, must be cause of offers that are clogging list of stuff…


No, its a real mission. The time it takes to complete and cooldown is a joke, but it’s not my joke, it’s Scopely’s joke.


where should I farm for then? and what gear map drops beanies, the last gear map was for things like Alpenstock and I got 25 of each items from every stage to save.


Farm elite tokens, safe spot is 12.3, 13.3, just send drop leader and autoplay. If your team is still too weak go for lower level, possibly zombie ones. You can get at least a pull per day to two.


What level are you that you can get ‘at least’ on pull per day from farming Elite Tokens?!


I’m telling him, I don’t know what level is he but definitely he doesn’t have 70+ w.e. points to farm more then 1 per day, he said he plays for 49 days. I’m 111th.


I was just wondering what level you are @techmando. Because I am level 46 and I am not sure I would be able to make one pull per day. HOWEVER: You gave me the motivation to at least try :wink:


I have 35 total energy and my team is A++, I do pulls but in my 49days I have never seen one. I’m new in an old region.


I also hadn’t much luck with it but it DOES happen every now and then, don’t give up! I am also very frustrated because of the Beanies, I got 5 x 5* on Tier 2, and countless 4* on Tier 3 which I just cant level up. :((


You will be able to, even more then 1. Also since you are lower level, you might search what each level gives you over google and plan ahead, it is good option that I didn’t have before, since I got to 100th over year ago.


I noticed, it seems like an ok region. I would probably move there but I would be bored to start again, still waiting for migration.


the community in the region is great, but since it was a close region that was open to new players (we had no idea) it feels like old vs new, and all out pounding on new players.

edit: another thing we the new players are blocked from a new region so we are stuck.


I also started out in an ‘old’ region but with help from the Faction I am in, i found my way to the place I can actually make some damage in wars :wink:

Patience is the key… I guess with almost everything in this game.


I think you will be alright staying in Dade.

Did you complete the last Elite Rare Gear map? It’s the one that gives you a beanie and school bag at the end.

Here is how to farm Beanies.
Farm Elite Rare Gear map. It is hard to get them. You need to use a medium drop leader and a faction helper with medium drop lead. (Large is even better if you got it)

Run all of the faction drop leads as much as possible. Burn a lot of world cans. Don’t bother using Salvage tokens they are not as good as two medium drop leads. (You can try using gold ones, but prepare to be disappointed).

When Gear map pops up tell your faction mates to put up their Drop Leaders!

I remember getting beanies was really hard for me the first few times, but once you get past the hurdle you will be alright.

Scav camp is definitely one way to get them.
Elite item tokens is another.
Also they show up in supply depot sometimes.
We also get them as rewards for a lot of milestones that won’t be so challenging once you get better.