I want to know what the End game is here ... pushing players to stay or to leave?

~With another month of lackluster rewards this is my only question (that leads of to few more questions:

With the ongoing trending news of EA’s loot crate debacle and the 3 billion losses on their stocks due to a similar gambling system from a progression standpoint on its games structure that is very similar to most free to play mobile app games

Why are we seeing week after week of disappointing rewards for small event all the way up to the main war events and the rarer main event Cross Regional war?

What is Scopelys end game with all of this?

Do you believe that holding off on the games current meta rewards you are bridging the gap between 1st place faction and 25th place faction in any given region?

This is becoming more and more transparent as now MANY players have had months building up their 6* with minor events with Benedict etc

now im not disputing these factions/players shouldn’t be getting less than what they should have, i actively encourage that everyone should get more …

My point here is:-

Almost everyone is now running the same teams

Carl/Mirabelle Lead


you may get the odd Erika/Hershel in some other teams but they are mostly similar to other counterparts that nothing is standing out anymore… The point this gets brought up so many times is that before the 6* introduction we were all with random teams so you would end up fighting against teams you had to guess what to take into the fight.

We have been posting here for weeks now about players quitting and on the verge and have been saying this is a problem and tried to encourage change with the current structure to more and more problems. This is what is killing your game, i dont know how many more times this community can repeat themselves.

Not only has war rewards been giving prizes that are roughly 1/8 progression to a 6* (the current Meta on the game) but now you have pushed it further to CRW where the regions are being increased and rewards lowered, even to the point that 1 region misses out of the tokens. … 3 if u count the 6 region war some had

my only opinion when it comes to the rewards just not getting better months and months in and with a very loud community base is that you want a large section of your long term players to either quit the game or not compete in any/all competitions. It’s what many people feel in this case and are hoping you as a company will change our minds very very soon


The plan might be to tire out depleted veterans and get more newbies for revenue. Veterans are obstacle in that case because they will inform newbies on and off the forum. They also might be letting regions to die because of this.


I think this is exactly it, but they still failed with these insane level up milestones. How many newbies are gonna stick around for that shit.

Kina off topic here, EA. Ruined mass effect…:disappointed_relieved:

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and fifa/ufc/needforsepeed etc etc

wishful thinking

then again … 8 epics for each 6* … hmmmmmmmmmmm lol

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I heard they are going to push 7* toons in the summer to push out 6*. They will continue to push out people chars they bought just so they can sucker more people in.

They are trying to be “fair”

I’ll tell you what happened. They looked at the surveys and realized that people weren’t buying into the 6* idea so they forced it on us. They made most 5* useless with the unnecessary buff to force people into the new meta. The problem is that now they making it more difficult for people to enter that meta. So my question is this, what do you want me to do scopley? Do you want me to ascend or not? Do you even want me to keep playing?

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The gap between the big spender and F2P player is the closet it’s ever going to be. To be honest everyone is pretty much on the same level when the 6* came out. As everyone is using the same set of freebie 6*. The faction that are winning now are the factions that adapted better to the 6*. We need to stop crying about the 5*’s as it’s never comming back. Scopley by giving crappy rewards in all events is just making it easier for the spenders to pull ahead . By pulling for the Premier recruits. You used to be able to get a legit toons from winning wars or raid and level up. That’s not the case anymore. kalishane thinks holding back 6* is going to close the gap when it’s just the complete opposite. Cause now only the spenders are the only ones having all the cool toys.

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you obviously didnt match with a t3 erika or any of the other op promo leaders

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You sir are dumb.

They wont own up to the fact that pushing the 6* rhetoric onto us the players made a very large amount feel cheated that their prestige 13 roster was made useless overnight … This i think which was intended forced many players to up and quit.

Not only this but to wipe the slate clean and make the Prestige level exactly the same usefulness was a major slap in the face. This is why revenue on the game is down and being beaten by their WWE game.

if anything Prestige Michonne should be ascendable from the getgo, this was a perfect opportunity but the first instance of 6* michonne is going to be a laughable xmas edition.; Its like the character herself is now just comic relief.

She should be one of not the best toons in the game such as her first 5* counterpart. which is still useable to this day but its juts another of a long line of missed opportunities

im not sure this is the case … Spenders can either spend or not spend on newer toons it doesnt matter, its down to activity and coin repairs for wars, you can have a team of 3 legs and 2 eps and if they want to can coin constantly … its how the game works now, its just coining coining coining.

i know peeps who are prestige 13 for a year or more who dont and cant get ahold of Carl, they have other toons but are seriously at a disadvantage from this.

The game is coded to give you what it feels is right to get you to compete harder and spend more

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i do get what youre saying though its just from my standpoint we ALWAYS won events but now we are weighing things up and saying we dont need this or that.