I want to have Erika!

For a long time now, I hope to get a Erika toon. Still no succes. I have been thinking, is it possible to get her out of an ascendable 4* toon?

there is no other way.


Spend that money, buddy! Gotta buy your luck

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:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: boiiii

Legend has it that if you ascend red 4 star gator you’ll get 5 star erika

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Too bad she isn’t in the lucky tokens or you’d have a “”"“chance”"""

Here is a link to a forum post which tells you everyone available through ascendance. Erika is not there. Whenever new wheels or events come up check in them to see if she is available there.


Erika is not available thru ascending four stars


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Nope. Only ways to get her are to either

  1. Spend
  2. Get very lucky on event pulls that have her in the wheel

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