I want to be in pc

I am f2p now but have spent in the past. I have been in top factions and bottom factions. I think I can represent the average player better than most and can guarantee to be transparent as much as scopely will let me. Please give me your vote.


If you want votes you’re gonna need to put yourself out there more to get publicly supported. People want to know information (in game of course) like what region are you from? Your journey through the game? what kind of spender you were? how free to play are you now? What nationality are you?(so they know what country/timezone you can represent) Why do you want to join the PC? What can you bring to PC? What is your goal for joining the PC? They want to know why they should support you and how you will support them if you’re voted into PC.

Not trying to be a jerk, just trying to give some advice that will help you if you’re serious. To win people over you will have to do some campaigning so to speak. :slightly_smiling_face:


Would be cool to vote for people but in the end scopley chooses.

When did players start deciding who is on PC and not scopley?


You should run crazy sausage you like a good old moan haha


@Oci32215 Glad to see you are motivated to join the PC. Did you apply when the application where up?



Spend more money and they will consider asking you

They wouldnt allow me on the PC my list of shit to fix and stop ■■■■■■■ up would be wayyyyyyy 2 long

I already offered to work for coins and plan the events and ms rewards for them as the person that does it now hasnt got a clue

I just became more active on forums so I must have missed it.

You’re absolutely right. And I will get that posted when I get off work.

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I’d also like to run. Any idea when the applications will be back up? I started in Morgan in stark and now I’m coleader of U&R. I’m a f2p player that buys but only small. I’ve always been with the people and seen there struggles. I’ve seen some go to the top and witnessed their journeys and struggles. I was right there with them. Im still the bottom girl. But I have friends on game that are both whale and non whale, top facs and bottom. Ill retire in Morgan. Me, Phoenix, and a few others are trying to revive Morgan. And as someone that is in a small region, I feel I know the struggles of the everyday player pretty well. Again, can you please give us a idea of when apps will be up. I think this guy is a good candidate too. I’m only adding I’d like a chance to run and see if the truly little girl, stands any chance at changing things or if its purely tops that get that right.


Good luck to you too but pls keep it clear, either you spend or you play f2p, there is no mix inbetween. Both are fine.


You can bribe me with cookies

You are not f2p. You are a moderate spender.

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10 bucks -20 a week. I’m a plankton. Lol. I was free to play but then bought SC one month. Now I feel wrong saying f2p. Lol. And I do buy energy. Lol. Ill confess. Every week I buy the 9.99 energy pack. And I bought beta for 4.99. Lol. So I know. That’s kinda dolphiny? Idk. What you call it. I’m just learning the lingo.

10-20$ a week. So yeah I spend. But it wasn’t always so. I didn’t spend a dime until June when I bought SC for my birthday. Wasn’t worth 25$. Lol. But since I’ve bought weekly energy and odds and ends. Yes. So plankton? Dolphin? Whale? I know not whale.

Wow. That’s not requesting much. Lol

This is no judging on my part but there is a difference between f2p and being not f2p. As already said, this is not ment in any bad way. Its just important to those who completely play f2p.

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You should be at a min level 150 to be in PC imo. One must have a high activity level to properly speak for the masses.

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You must enjoy Talking To Walls then :rofl::rofl: bc I’m guessing that’s exactly what it’s like. But pls continue.

@Yggdrasil, agreed and a minimum of prestige 10 or preferably 11. We need f2p who have been grinding f2p for awhile. Bc I’m sure that voice is totally absent.