I Want These Bot Teams!

Come on Scopely…gimme a bot team like the ones I’ve been trying to raid for the past two days. True…I have my share of 6’s but nothing like these collections. Do you have a guy that sits in an office that spends all week dreaming up ways to f*ck up my day or is it a collaborative effort with a weekly staff meeting where people say things like “Let’s put together an S13 bot team and give it a ranking of 1112 with a rep of 4 and see how many dipshits like Burt attack it”. “Yeah…and when he searches for a new opponent we’ll make that bot team pop up instantly so he accidently attacks it again…Big fun!”

Must be a great job. Where do I apply?

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Bots are copies of actual player defense teams on your region tho, they are not custom made or anything.


Don’t care. Want them anyway. Scopely…give!

Post in GC to get more peeps to drop def🤗

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I dont believe this is 100% true as i have seen the exact same teams in one region during raid event and transferred to a new one and seen those same exact teams, same mods, same weapons, all of it. I believe scopely does indeed put bot teams in.

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its what scopely wants us to believe. prove that they dont add op bots to make the whales spend more. same with teams in arena…

if you look at the victories made by a bot you attacked, and look for the player with the same number of victories in the ranking, you can ask him if it’s his defense, so you can take away the doubt!

prawda ,

Your to blame for it. If you know with in your heart of hearts you struggle or can’t beat these teams why tf do you hit them? Skip button is always a option just saying.

besides the win raids there is also the raid rank and the acc lvl… you know those numbers dont add up so maybe you try to find that person :joy:

Drop thousands and you can have it as well. Have fun.

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