I want my milestones

leveled up using veteran rings and they didn’t give me my 100k milestone rewards. This is obviously a bug that needs fixing


Same here im use 40 veteran rings and im dont receave my milestone

Happened to me last week. After a few messages back and forth to support they finally told me wait until the end of the event and message them again, they fixed it yes but it happened at the start of the event so i had to wait 2 days


The fact this has been going on since veteran rings have been implemented just shows how little Scopely cares. @GR.Scopely please tell ‘the team’ to do something about this. Players should not lose out on rewards just because the coding for the veteran rings is poorly done.


Yeah I need those damn torches too. I would be even more pissed if I hit the silver quill milestone

They gave u ur milestone rewards?

Wait, veteran rings count towards level up?!


Yea they just put it in my inventory. And mine was the 2.1m milestone for the quill so i was not happy, but still was civil with support

Yeah and it gives u lots of points

15k per ring, so 150k for 10. Make sure you check your score in relation to milestones when ringing.

The issue with veteran bug has been raised on this forums already and been brought to the team for investigation.


Since August man. Are they still investigating this glaring broken thing since August? :thinking: Wuh

And do they say it’s fixable? At least? Not tryna sound sarcastic, just curious.

Happy holidays and new year btw. :sparkles::beers:


Happy new Year, bud! May it be better than the previous, and worse than the next!


You need to go through in game support and log in tickets and continue on with them. They sometimes give the rewards manually other times they ask for you to wait until end of event and if not sent they do it

You too bud and your loved ones, have a wonderful new year and decade. Here’s to more happiness, success and good health. :sparkles::fireworks:

And here’s to more milestones. :beers:

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First I was told to message them at the end of the event now I’m being told to wait 24 hours

Looks like they got you in the go around

I’ve had to deal with this issue two time so far. They’ve sent the rewards both times directly into the inventory.

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