I want my game back!

Ok its been 8 dam days since Ive been able to play my game normally… I can get in game, do SR, and chat but nothing else. Can’t do raids, no territories, no world maps, no r8admaps, no scavenge missions. I Missed out on tire collection, Im missing out on heartbreak event, and I missed out on war. What really makes me mad is filled over 40 wars, but couldnt pkay, but yet didnt get one frickin reward for war. What a joke scopely support!!!
Ive messaged scopely support over and over everyday… even messaging Jb. Im tired of hearing were working on it… this is utterly shameful. 8 days… wtf?? And please quit tellin me to enjoy my game… like yeh its frickin joyful being stuck and watvhing me let my faction down and watching my game go to shit. Fix my game!!!


Also before I hear have you reinstalled, forced stpp yes I have 10x… i also have switched devices, and went to other places and used wifi. I can switchnregions and all my baby accts work… just cant play in my main.


Cindy is one of the most pivotal and important players in our faction. She has the efficiency of many players’ power combined but she can’t play due to the game being frickn broken! 8 days of this is very unacceptable, most other games would have it solved in 1-2 days!


How is this even possible ?
Playing only few features of the game.

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Yeh tell me about it… im super frustrated… @JB.Scopely

Do you have a screen shot?

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I can screenshot my homescreen cause as soon as I hit attack it kicks me right out to my devices homescreen… the only thing that doesnt is sr

I understand you are seeking for assistance while not able to access the game at the same time.

Please do approach our support via the web portal - they’ll gladly assist!

Somehow I think that may have already been tried in the first 8 days. Seriously a poor response JB!


My wife experienced this issue for over a month and we fixed it on our own. Leave your faction at once, wait a few minutes, make sure you can do raids etc, than rejoin your faction. Boom problem solved.


Tbh, I don’t think he could do anything about it :confused:
He is a CM after all

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He could as other CM’s have pushed for a human to actually look into it. Something that the support portals almost never have.

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Yes but can she dougie?


No u dont

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Shes a legend so yes

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Thanks im gonna try this

I can tootsie roll too :joy:

Chocolate candy sweet as gold…

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Bobbotokes I love you!!! My game is working again… I owe you big time… if you ever need anything Im Lil Syn on game… let me kniw… thank you!!!


Game is up so if anone has this problem… thats what to do… scopely should take note of this