I want my account on multiple devices


I have my account on my phone but I want it on my tablet. Is that possible?


Yes. Link to Facebook and connect through facebook on the other device


No if your phone is iphone but your tablet is android & vice a versa


False. If it is the first time he moves platforms it will work fine.


You have to relink your account via facebook on the new device… but you have to also relink each time you play on the other device… not worth it really


You mean hit switch and connect? Takes like 30 seconds.


I think you have to play the game through the tutorial then you can link with facebook.

Just make sure you original game is linked to facebook.

I play on 2 IoS devices so maybe someone who uses different platforms can chime in.


The first time you move your account you need to do it to the opposite platform.
Where you play on two iOS devices you will only ever be able to play on iOS (unless you have moved to an Android before)


Stop posting incorrect information.
If your account is connected to Facebook then you can login on all devices and on all platforms.


No ! For some people like me I am playing on Android and if I want to play with an iPad and I link my account with facebook nothing happens. My account is linked with facebook but its not the same ACCOUNT CODE its the fresh new account after the tutorial.


No you cannot. I have learned from experience over more than one account. Using Facebook login. I tried to bring an android account to my iPad and put in the proper information for the linked Facebook and it linked that Facebook to the noob account on the iPad, i used the exact same information to bring the account to Bluestacks (android emulator) and guess what? It fucking recovered the account.
It’s not false information


Install RTS on your Android device.
Install Parallel Space app on your Android.
Then add RTS to Parallel Space, play through the tutorial & link it to your Facebook account that’s connected with the Apple platform.
This should solve it if you have issue’s playing on multiple platforms. Not sure if Parallel Space is available from the Apple store.


I play on 5 devices and across all platforms and have never experienced your problem. Must be a user problem…


Did you not read my post? I never said you CANT play on opposite platforms. I said ur first move must be from one platform to another (like iOS to Android) not same platform like iOS to iOS. So, Ur first move must have been from one platform to a separate platform, therefore preventing the platform lock

I also play across many devices, across multiple platforms, with no issue on my main. But my first account recovery was from iOS to Android. Would u like me to send u a video to prove my point? Will gladly demonstrate that after 2.5 years of swapping devices i know what I’m talking about

PS: i clearly explained how i tried to recover the account (in my post you quoted most recently), so can’t be user error because u didn’t take any steps to point out where that error occurred in my descriptions. Appreciate your feedback


You can play it on as much device’s as you have. Just need to make sure that the game is updated on the same version. Sometimes android update’s first, so if you load your game on android with a version and the IOS one is on an older version you will not be able to use your IOS device till the update show’s up. Same with beta, if you run beta you will be stuck at android


Absolutely true