I want more comfort Part 3

Hello scopeley…
Realy great . I can delete one of my wishes on my list… multi-buy Button comes with next update…
And here is my old wishlist with a new good idea:

I need an own team list for survival road…

Next wish for more comfort is: auto fight where I can use a Button that turn off using rush and aktive skill!
And Speed 5x

During I create a team, I can’t see which char is already in another team…

I need more than 25 teams…

I want to Change saison Token for get Liga Shop Token
Greetings Dekan


I agree, cant understand why people keep asking for it


Because it’s a pain having to make personal teams after each time it asks for specific character traits.


That is not what I was saying at all. I said AFTER it asks for specific traits, meaning after those stages when there is no restriction.


With a restriction you can auto select the team, that’s not the problem. The problem is having to choose your team without the restriction each time. You can auto select, though that’s only gonna put your maxed out characters on the team, which probably wouldn’t be beneficial for you.

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The survival road thing isn’t a bad idea but you have to think that it isn’t broken and would if they where to add it would it break the other parts of survival road

That’s an interesting take. For me it’s the opposite. I autofill everything and don’t have any issue using my top toons. It’s the restricted ones, more specifically the restricted walker ones, where I need specific toons and have to manually select the toons and weapons I want.

Daily SR is a different story and each level I find needs a bit of decision making but I stopped doing them when I maxed at level 400 last year so it might be a lot easier now with th toons I got since then.


I am very happy that the automatic team setting is sufficient for you. not for me. I use far too much time in team selection against zombies or damage repelling opponents. Automatic teams are always put together stupidly. Since it’s mostly the same team composition I use against certain types of opponents it would be more comfortable for me. for people who are not yet equipped with super great legendary like you super great people here, certainly a good idea. So what’s the bashing going to do here?


Tell this to Damage Reflect :joy:


I don’t get this discussion. What’s the problem with having teams for SR? Don’t need it? Then don’t use it. There are however lots of folks that would actually benefit from this.

Why are people being forced to manually change their teams all the time back and forth? It’s a waste of time (and the game already has enough useless time sinks) and a horrible user experience. On top, since we have legends, these role/trait restrictions don’t even make sense anymore.


Id like a dedicated tower team for war as it always scrolls to your last used attack team and i and i am sure many others have used a team you dont wanna use for towers lol


Or used a tower team against an enemy… its painful lol


Yes… good idea … I will take it to my wishlist…

What bashing?

The discussion revolves around adding a useless feature to the game when there are bigger issues that need to be addressed first and foremost. This only effects a small number of players where territories are a problem for everyone. Having teams for survival road would barley speed things up between trait and persona restrictions. On top of changing your setup when you get new characters and weapons you would need a lot of extra slots in addition to the 25 roster spots that have never been increased.


Maybe there are bigger problems, but that does not exclude to have wishes …

and just because top players have no problems with it, you may not want something like that?

since you are the elitist rulers of the game and what may be new and what is not?

This thread is a wish list and no discussion about what finally should be brought to the row of scopeley


My biggest wish is a way to switch rushes on and off from individual toons so that your healers don’t forego an attack every few turns to heal a piddling amount of damage to a single toon when farming or autoing a SR stage. It’s generally a major issue on the “single colour walker hordes” on later levels of SR when you need to get as many headshot chances in as possible.


Yes, good idea… is better then my idea about generally Switch of…

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Guy puts his ideas for what he thinks would make the game better for him salty forums attacks his ideas then they write on other post why is only complaining and moans on forums just going to roll my eyes here.

Back to ops topic some of the wishlist is what others have asked for but I do feel sort of the same if ain’t broke too. The team build should really just be done from your roaster like raiding or maps.
I like the idea of stopping ar’s when autoing.

yeah only real thing I’m against is the speed up the meta at the minute with raiding/war is out of hand this would be game breaking I believe.

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The ability to turn on/off Active/Rush…
I’ve been asking for this ever since Active became a thing.
Here is a simplistic view of how it could be done with simple on and off switches over every toons card in the “Edit Team” view.

Sorry for the shoddy photoshop skills, but this should be easily accomplished.

Also, allow override in battle if not using auto.

I also agree; 3x should now be the norm. 5x or 6x should be the new 3x

Thanks for bringing this back up.
Right @JB.Scopely and @GR.Scopely? I’m sure you agree… if you do actually play the game as you say you do.