I want more comfort part 2

Hello at all Admins
I post this serveral time ago and get no answer… I so this so long since u hear this realy needed comfort update:

Please can u make a button for all things we can buy more than one Time… I need so much time to get food with gear maker, for example

And I need an own team list for survival road…
Next wish for more comfort is: auto fight where I can use a Button that turn off using rush and aktive skill!
And Speed 5x
During I create a team, I can’t see which char is already in another team…


My girlfriends give me comfort.


I too want more comfort. I want a button I can press to get coins. Oh wait…

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Or the admins can implement a no comfort update. Now, when you press the screen, it will start to sting your fingers.

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I missed out part 1…damn

Comfort equals quality of life and i agree, we need some


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