I’ve been getting lash back


So basically that marlon and Rosie post I’ve been getting lash back because who ever remembers the diamond rings if you save them up you would get a 5 star Abraham so the dog collars I think you would get a marlon and Rosie because it’s dog collars.


Sorry bud this is no place for logic


Didn’t you post this like a week ago?

Not happening buddy, not happening


Yes he did and he’s still thinking there’s a chance…

Kinda feel bad for the guy.


Maybe the logic is that if he posts it enough, Scopley will have a sudden moment of benevolence and make it come true




Unless you have $1000 just ready to throw at anything, those collars aren’t worth more than some gear.


If you think they’ll give out Marlon and Rosie, you deserve all the backlash.


While we got abe, wyatt, eugene & lucas for similar types the part you are missing is that they were in museum as well.


It’d be pretty funny if for the last 12 hours of the leash event Marlon became available for 25k leashes…


But only tin foil hat wearing customers would know that, right?


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