I transfered to wrong region

I transfered to wrong region and was hoping to be able to move to the correct one with the rest of my faction before war. Support aren’t replying to my messeges

Sadly you’re gonna have to fork out for another key. Scopely wont even compensate for their own screw ups, let alone ours.


I don’t wanna wait 10 days tho I will miss crw and other faction events same thing happened with a team mate support helped him but not me

Maybe they aren’t they right faction for you if they didn’t tell you the correct region to go to…


Exactly this. Sounds like they did it this person on purpose.

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Keep on surviving

His faction transferred to Bullock region and most likely he accidentally transferred to Bulloch. His faction didn’t tell him the wrong region, it’s an honest mistake that has happened to a number of people. To the op, support helped some of my faction mates not have to wait on the ten day cool down but they all had different help from support as some were sent back to their original region while others were directly moved to the correct region by support. Good luck and just stress to support how similar the names are and that this same issue has been fixed by support in the past.


I’ve heard of them fixing it for a specific thing, transferred to bulloch but you actually meant to go to bullock.

That’s exactly what happened to a friend of mine

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Enjoy 10 days in your new region

wait 10 days and save your coins lol

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Enjoy riding on the coattails of a faction you can’t compete in


Lol you stalking me? And how would you know if I can compete or not?

@Glyny message support and explain the situation. We had a few do the same and support refreshed their cooldown and gave them their key back. Gotta admit the first and probably the only time support will impress me.

Good tging there’s not a bullox.

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Expect a response along the lines of “you’re responsible for what happens to your account,” or some random text with a link to the TOS saying, pretty much, that you’re screwed.

its very sad, your unique solution is:

Keep on surviving

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