I totally just don't care about this game anymore

I just open it daily to get my daily log in and do the S-Class gold bars map, that’s been the last 2 weeks for me. There’s just nothing to do or nothing to care about anymore. For the love of god never do anything like this Typhoon trash again, S-Class collectables are a bore to collect and are hard to keep track of, it’s just… Ugh.


i wanna watch the world/game burn



Eh, I know the world’s gonna burn in 10 years. But will the game burn sooner?

Think the solution is to expect less. The more you expect the more vulnerable you’re to spend. I just log in as well and do some raids, few maps and some arena. Enjoy whatever I do. That’s enough gameplay for a day in this. Anything more/grinding, you’d be multitasking alongside to avoid fiddling with your phone or getting distracted.
Shouldn’t let the game control your actions and emotions at the same time. It doesn’t deserve that.

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Lol at that comment

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I’m right there with you, I was hoping for change but we are going on 3 years of a downward spiral.

No Change for the better.

It’s a chore now.

I enjoy games that involve a sense of strategy to win or defeat the opponent, this game has zero strategy.

Biggest wallet wins.

Buy your toons, stack your roster and blow up my S10++ with your S14++ roster.

Nothing for me to counter because they have offsetting counter measures (combat mods, fully kitted weapons etc)

I do the grind to help my faction, other than that it pains me to logon and see what shit stew has been cooked up.


Same here. I took a 6-month break and came back to an even worse game – and it just keeps getting worse by the day. Now, I’m just logging in for the daily stuff. I don’t even bother with the so called BORING events. I hate repetition.


I’m going to hold out until the day the servers shut down, but for me personally I really don’t know if I’ll do any more than just log on daily. I’ve even let my 30 day pass run out

We’re basically approaching the early 6 star hell which was Carl/Mira
Except this time it’s Pete/Christa or Pete/James teams everywhere because nothing else is usable

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Yea but it will take the f2p how many ward to collect it and by that time it will probably be irrelevant

I feel you. I even think of quiting, after I’m done collecting all the remaining toons from my Wishlist, which doesn’t contain any 6* over Gen 1 for a reason.

My Main Problem really is that I don’t care at all about the New Characters anymore at all. Despite the fact that there’re out of reach for a long time anyway. So many Comic Icons still don’t have a viable version or one at all.

Good luck lol

I just want coins for a 40 pull.

Holy Cow Wow😂

If you’re certain about the world burning in ten years, can I have your stuff?

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Yep that’s the way it goes since awhile now.I remember a time when 4star could battle some of the top 5 stars.

I also find that it’s no longer just a grind, it’s a chore and not a rewarding one. The only thing that keeps me playing is the people.

The game is mostly trash and they have destroyed it.

Not to mention the bucketgate issues

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It’s all going to be underwater, so lol

I’m right there with you on that. This game is utter shite, it gets worse every day. I went from 4 straight years of spending on average 10 or more hours a day with multiple logins to logging in Once just to keep 1200+ login streak alive, burn my NRG and leave. What’s the point? The games rigged and the power chasm just keeps getting bigger and bigger with no end in sight.