I thought we were going to stop getting duplicates all the time

I’ve pulled 2 eugene now in a row from 5* tokens gotten 2 tys from there as wells is I pulled a duplicate from prestige tokens as well two 4* back to back I thought you guys said u were going to put a stop to that and at first it seemed as if it was working what changed all of a sudden here come the duplicates…

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My wife just pulled duel ax ty for the second time in a row.


It was decreased, and although I don’t know the numbers – probably not a large amount because I too, get duplicates as often as you say.

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I don’t believe that was stated anywhere.

That wasn’t what was said. It was said that it was like a strike system so if you pulled one toon, the next time you pull you are less likely to pull the same toon next time and so on.

I’m not sure where you got that idea from but I don’t ever remember that being said.

Not checking the roster is completely different from different chances of duplicates based on the quantity of batches of pulls though. As of now, there’s been no real evidence or any word about different chances of duplicates if you do 4x10s or 1x40 or 40x1s.

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I know it was brought up multiple times, but not by Scopely themselves, but from other players. I tried looking, but I couldn’t find definitive proof for it to be true.

I think part of the thinking is that players assumed the idea of “not checking the roster” to extend to pulls done after the revamp. From what I know, it’s been stated that duplication reduction starts only for pulls done after the revamp, hence it doesn’t check the roster. Additionally, the duplication reduction would omit characters earned via non-pull methods, like tournament rewards, etc.

At this point I don’t care if I have dupes. I save at least one original toon in case it gets ascended. If I have more than two of the toon, than I use it as fodder.

Out of fifty i never pulled a duplicate. Which is good for my collection but sucks for ascendance.

It seen’s the thing they did against duplicate pull’s is no longer working, my last 6 pull’s were duplicated.
Mirabele, blue ty, ezekiel guardian, red shane (droper), randall

I pulled two Sandy’s within 5 days, sucks

With the updated system, duplicates are less likely, but will still happen from time to time. To clear up a few of the points mentioned up-thread by folks:

@Lockdown whether you do the pulls in a batch or one at a time, and over what period of time (in the permanent wheels, at least) doesn’t matter. The system tracks what you’ve pulled in a given spot, and doesn’t even look at how many you pull at once.

Since, as noted above, the system only looks at what you pull, you are correct that it does not look at what you already own. And for similar reasons, as @Verdeiwsp describes, characters you get from other sources (including other wheels in most cases) aren’t counted either.

And of course if you’ve pulled all the characters of a particular rarity from a given wheel, then duplicates are inevitable (but the system still gives people a more even mix than it used to, overall).


then why are ppl doing 2 pulls + ending with 2 of same 5 if they happeing LESS

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and you think dupes dont happen this is a bug every 2 pulls its the same of ea 5

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Pay attention, it was stated after the ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ and@ kalishane can say what she wants about odds changing, its the same if not worse, 8 dougs out of 11 pulls is worse than it ever was.

Useless statement to be fair, as the change could be a minuscule percentage change. Like reducing the chance from 10% to 9.99999999999999%

Why does it matter, there all fodder from here on in.

Better Meta my @rse

Not a pop at you Lockdown, just my thoughts.


not when your afar 3 5s… and keep getting same shit

Lee have -30ap
mich sheild have abs
and negan

dupes dont help to i have want i need,

I got 2 all out war zekes back to back on 5* token pulls. Not too thrilled.

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